Friday, 22 January 2010


Tone aka Tbone had his newest tune 'Working class Feeling' played on BBC Suffolk last night. It on the link below at about 47.48. The presenter makes me laugh implying that working class is to be poor. They talk about Thetford a bit too so buzzing bout that. Anyway the tune is about making money and feeling guilt for it. Its a nice concept. The tune is big so have a listen.

Tone has been working hard in the studio and has got an album worth of bangers ready to go. I really do feel like Tone has got a sound that radio should eat up. I recon 2010 could be a massive year for him.

Also Truth feat Kashmere 'Do You Understand' gets played at about 36.20. Truth is a massive rapper and the track is large. Its taken form the forthcoming Rapsploitation Sessions compilation CD Three Years High And Rising. This is availible in the physical format from the next Rapsploitation Sessions. Details here:

Have a listen to 'Working Class Feeling' and 'Do you Understand' on the link below:

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