Friday, 26 February 2010

Coming Soon

This is gonna be big:

Something To Bring To Your Attention

Nuff Sed + D.I.V

Im a keen supporter of artists that are relitivly unknown. I feel its important to give people the break they deserve cos really and truly it only takes that one break to open a door and get that snowball effect to make an artist big.

anyway here is something from a relativly unknown duo in terms of the uk scene. They hail from the home of hip hop that is NY City. Going by the name of Nuf Sed and D.I.V these too work well together. The lyrics are raw, the concepts are big and the wordplay is of the highest caliber.

These two were solo artists before combining which means they have crafted their individual trade before smashing it together. the chemistry they bring as a duo is evident.

SO O.D. The Overdose Vol. 1 is presented, mixed, and hosted by DJ Kool Kid, The Hood Legend. Already they getting the support they need


Thursday, 25 February 2010

Re-Post Of My New En

Im re-posting this tune because the numbers and the response have been really good. It seems people are right into this tune which makes me real happy. Its nice to know that a straight vocal with no adlibs or hook laid down on a nice beat is what people want to hear. I got a feeling UK Rap is coming through big again this year. Anyway please listen and share with anyone you can.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Not Like You

I personally think we need more music like this. Its a big tune. some honest real rap. The youtube numbers have been incredible and the video is all filmed in one take.

basically its big.

Charlie, Farma and Black - Not Like You

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Devlin Signs!

Devlin signs to Island records. Home to Tinchy and Wiley and now Devlin. This is a big look for grime and a big look for Devlin and the OT Crew.

New Track On Soundcloud

Please go listen to my new track. Its recorded over a universal soldiers beat.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Black The Ripper F64

Massive F64

Genesis Is A DON

Really feeling this one myself. Been listening to it loads so had to post it.

Also cop the new 'Civil Unrest' EP

Giggs Norwich Show Cancelled!

The Norwich show of the Giggs tour has unfortunatly been cancelled. This has been blamed on the police warning the venue of potential trouble and in turn the venue cancelled the show. I think this has also happened in Glasgow and Nottingham.


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A Real Good Reds Interview

Here is an interview with Reds (Chronicredeye). Well worth a read

Release Dates

Im a keen believer in buying music. This includes singles particulaly when i feel that it could help push artists from our scene into the limelight. for that reason i have decided to update with some release dates of some big UK singles dropping over the next two months. These are singles i think could perhaps do well in the chart with enough support, or just singles that i think the artist deserves a bit of support cos they just do. Ill also put a rating of how likely i think it is to break into the top ten. Anyway here is the list:

21st February - Giggs - Dont Go There - I got a real big feeling about this track. Its been getting a bit of radio support on the big stations like radio 1 and i hear a lot of people saying they feel this tune that aint nescessarily fans of UK Rap. If this does well it will be a big look for UK Rap music.


21st February - JME FT Wiley - Sidetracked - More of a commercial vibe than JME normally comes with but still relevent with the bars. Im a fan of this tune myself. I always find myself singing it in my head. Im not sure this will have enough support to make the chart but im a big fan of JME and i think he does music the way it should be done, and for that reason im in.


28th February - Wiley FT Emile Sande - Never Be Your Woman - Im a big fan of Wiley and out of every UK artist i really feel he deserves a number 1. He has been influential to so many people and rarely makes a bad tune. He is older than a lot of MCs and really i think he deserves to do well commercially. I got a feeling this will be a good year for Wiley. Would be nice to start with a number 1.


March 1st - Tinie Tempah - Pass Out - This tune is getting rinsed. Proper rinsed. Radio 1 are all over it. I hear bare people talking bout it that aint into Grime/UK Rap. I have heard numerous remixes. Basically this tune smashes it and im fairly confident it will do well. Especially if everyone who rates it buys it.


March 9th - Skepta - Badboy - Skepta is similar to Wiley in that he is looking for that mainstream hit. He did come with 'Rolex Sweep' which in my opinion did perhaps more harm than good as i had people thinking this was all Skepta done and didnt realise he made hard grime tunes. Anyway i think Skepta could do with a hit to bring him into the commercial limelight more. This is because i think its important for our big MCs to get more status. This in turn makes more people intrested in real grime/UK rap and then makes the scene bigger and on a bigger scale. Buy this wen it comes out


Go buy them and support UK Music. its the only way the scene will grow.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Badnewz a.k.a news from Essex

Straight from Essex Badnewz drops 'the flipside' on his own 'frontline' imprint.

Definatly worth a listen. His name might not be familiar to ya as well as the producers on the download but im a firm believer in pushing new artists thru so give the boy a listen. He comes on a hip hop vibe with proper sense and nice bars. Definatly worth listening to:


01 - Intro
02 - Flipside (Produced by Menace)
03 - What Do You Know Feat Smart Alex (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
04 - Get Down Feat Oneway and Charlie P (Produced by Hossy)
05 - When Will You See Feat Keita (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
06 - Broken Britain Feat Oneway and Jack The Lad (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
07 - Black Clouds (Produced by Menace)
08 - Sarga (Produced by Menace)
09 - Freestyle Feat Kamma and Smart Alex (Produced by Karma)
10 - Dreams Feat Rosie (Produced by Dirty Deedz)
11 - On Your Doorstep Feat Oneway (Produced by Sly Rakkoon)
12 - Ruk It Out (Produced by Dirty Deedz)
13 - Game Ova Feat Oneway and Smart Alex (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
14 - Only One Feat Oneway, Charlie P and Rosie (Produced by Menace, Dirty Deedz & Hossey)
15 - Deedz Freestyle (Produced by Dirty Deedz)
16 - 1000 Years (Produced by Slotz)
17 - Dats How It Is (Produced by Menace)
18 - Harder Times Feat Oneway (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)


CHECK OUT: – ‘Newz Huxley’

'The Best Of Frontline Recordings Mixtape'


Remeber to keep ya eye on:

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Another Good Post By JP

Joseph Patterson has posted another blog post well worthy of a read. This ones all about Skepta:

If you aint already then go cop 'Been there Done That'

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Franko - Soundcloud

The Newest and best place to hear my new music:

Scorzayzee Live

Real meaning and emotion in this. Got a lot of time for Scorz. The honesty in this track is inspirational. Recorded live at Maida Vale studios for the BBC

This Thursday - Norwich

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Tonight - Ipswich - Make Sure Your There

Tonight at the Swan pub in Ipswich is a big night for hip hop. Quickly becoming a staplemark in UKHH shows Truth and the rapsploitation crew are celebrating their 3rd birthday with a bang. Featuring Stig & Synatx as well as EOW winner Jack Flash its gonna be a massive night. Also get ya hands on a CD celebrating the event featuring artists like Kashmere, Truth, DPF, Myself and many others.

Cyclonious - What's A Postcode

This tune is massive. Cyclonious may not be a name that you are too familiar with. This is the first tune ive seen him push and i am definatly impressed. The tune has a positive message. In my opinion we need to bring more music like this back. The beat is big and the bars are relevent. Im definatly well impressed with this.

Released on Itunes on Feb 27th so cop it and keep good music like this around. Im gonna see if i can get a few more bits to post about Cyclonious cos i think he deservs it

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Massive 140 show tonight

Please tune into the 140 show tonight cos we got a massive show planned. We going in with an hours mix with live bars from hip hop through to grime. Guests in the building are Reds and DPF and fellow resident Lyrical T. IC on the decks. this should be a real massive show. Make sure you dont miss it!!!


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Something In The Making Now Availible In Brighton

Rarekind Records is a very important hip hop shop in this country so im pleased to say that 'Something In The Making' by Franko and Lyrical is now being stocked there. If your in Brighton go buy it! If not then Buy online:


Monday, 1 February 2010

New Trackz MC Tune - I Hate Teachers

This is a new tune from a rapper from Thetford calls Trackz. trackz is someone we are supporting on the HOODLEM label. The hook for this is proper catchy. Im feeling it a lot.

Mr Drastick - So Many Devils

He has been on the independant hussle for a very long time and if your into UK rap you should know the name 'Mr Drastck' by now. After releasing the Gladiatorial mixtape series and knocking up large numbers independantly (GLADITORIAL PASSION VOL 1 SOLD 15,000 COPIES) Drastick then release his first full length album titled THE GLADIATORS ANTHEM in 2008 to rave reviews from places like HHC magazine, DJ magazine and NME. Drastick has been out in the public domain for a few years.

Now Drastick has blessed us with his 2010 outing, a free mixtape to download called 'So Many Devlis'. This is definatly one to DL. Drastick has always had a real honest approach in his music and in interviews and at still only 25 he has the workrate of veteran.

Download and give it a listen. It wont dissapoint.

Download SO MANY DEVILS now from


The Sale On HOODLEM Shop Finishes Today!

Thanks To Everyone Who Has Bought The CD.

Today Is The Final Day You Can Buy The CD At The LOW LOW Price Of Only £3.90!!