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The Gar Interview

The Gar Interview

Bless for passing thru and doing an interview. Please tell the people your names and where you from?

No problem man, we’re called the Gar (meaning The Family in Cantonese) and we’re a three man crew coming from Stoke-on-Trent which is up in the midlands.

What releases have you had out to date?

This mixtape ‘Stoke-No city For Old Boys’ is the first official release from The Gar and is pretty much a collection of all of our new vibes, along with some of our older stuff that we thought would let people in on the journey.

What’s your favourite part of making rap music?

For us its got to be a toss up between the creating of the actual lyrics and tracks or the performing. There’s a certain buzz that you get from it that you can’t get anywhere else.

What do you think you bring to the rap world?

As a collective we bringing back that authentic sounding Hip Hop that you used to hear. There’s three of us in the group and we all bring different skills to the table. We got Bobby J who’s got a crazy original flow and lyrics you’re only gonna find here. Then we have Dirty D who’s vocab and wordplay is up there with the best of them. Then Benny Blaze who’s got a forever changing style and technique when flowing, its something you do have to check out for yourself because its not like anything that your hearing at the moment.

If you was not involved in music what do you think you would be doing?

For us music is everything. I can’t really think of an answer to that. Life without music is pretty unimaginable so I honestly couldn’t say.

Let’s talk about your current project. When’s it out? Can you tell who is involved?

The current project ‘Stoke-No City For Old Boys’ is out now you can download it from, iTunes and Amazon. Its all written and performed by ourselves and mixed & hosted by Tricksta from UK runnings. We’ve used a mixture of beats, some original and some old school bangers that we just love to flow on. The original beats are provided mainly by Ash Wilcox who’s a good friend of ours from around these ways. Tricksta provided us with a track as well ‘The Way We Be’ and we also had a couple of tracks from Desert Rhino from Tru Fam records. Next time we’re hoping to get a few more original beats on the mixtape just to show the true extent of what we can provide.

What type of music do you listen to mostly?

Apart from that original Hip Hop vibe we mentioned earlier, we listen to just about anything as long as its got soul to it with some real meaning its good to us. We've got a lot of Reggae in the collection, soul, Jazz, things like that really.

Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?

Five years from now we hopefully gonna be at least a couple of albums deep. A couple of good albums too. Albums that everyone appreciates and want to just keep hearing.

What have you been most proud of in your career so far?

We’ve been lucky enough to have recently joined a project called the U-Turn. Its basically a collection of independent artists from the UK and overseas all put together by Godfrey Fletcher and legendary producer Herb Middleton. Herb’s done us our own track as well for the U-Turn album which is an honour because he’s worked with some of the greats like Biggie, Nas and Mary J to name a few.

If you could pick one producer to work with in the world who would it be and why?

Thats a hard question because there’s so many top producers. We could sit here all day and we’d just keep thinking of new ones that we would prefer. If I would have to just say one though off the top of my head it would be DJ premier. His sampling and feel to his beats is unreal and has been for well over a decade.

What’s your opinion on the current state of the charts?

Music in the charts at the moment isn’t all too great. There’s the odd tune that comes out that’s ok but what’s happened to the Lauren Hills, the 2pacs, the Big Puns, there’s nothing extraordinary anymore. We’re hopefully gonna put a stop to that.

How do you view Hip-Hop right about now?

Hip Hop at the moment seems to be at a stand still. All of the artists that are big are the same ones that were big in the 90’s, Jay-Z, Nas, Wu-Tang, Eminem, Lil Wayne. Don’t get me wrong they got skills but no one seems to be breaking through that just makes you stop and want to listen. I do like the rise in the UK though it seems to be getting more established now, we’ve still got a long way to go yet though.

Would you like to see yourself in the top ten?

If it was with a track made completely by ourselves with no compromise to our style or beliefs then of course, because that would just mean that people were genuinely feeling our vibe. It’s just when people sell themselves out to get to that position that agers us because its the complete opposite of what music is supposed to be about.

What is your opinion on the current UK music scene?

The UK has currently got some massive artists with some really good vibes. Its just a shame that most of the top talent isn’t the stuff that they broadcast on the radio and so you have to really search to find that quality UK material. When you do find it though it matches anything from anywhere else in the world.

What’s next for you as an artist?

You should be seeing us soon in the U-Turn project. There’s a single coming out with a video so look out for that. We’re also already working on a second mixtape and in the future looking towards an album. Watch this space for all that future fire!

Okay before you go please tell us how we can get your music and how people can get in touch with you.

Ok the webpage is
Other addresses you can reach us on are; - We Are The Gar

You can download tracks straight from these pages.

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AC Interview

A.C. Exclusive Interview

Thank you for taking your time out to do this exclusive interview.

Thanks Franko for the opportunity!

What’s your name and where you from?

My name is AC and I live in London.

What releases have you had out to date?

My first release was a limited press vinyl with Terra Slim and Eic Lau called 'In England', then my mix CD 'Human Trash' with Terra, then the album 'Broke' with Mentor Kolektiv, then 'Youthanasia: Escape from the land of the wastemen' with Terra and now this EP 'New Day' produced by Jabbathakut. I have also recently put out two EPs of my beats for MC’s and singers to use.

What’s your favourite part of being a rapper/MC?

My favourite part is either the recording process in the studio and hearing the end result after mixing etc or seeing a crowd get hyped up when I'm performing at a rave.

What do you think you bring to the table as an MC?

I bring humour, political opinions, different speeds of delivery and don't act like an arrogant wanker.

If you was not involved in music what do you think you would be doing?

I think I would be concentrating full-time on drawing cartoons and doing illustrations, or acting, since I just got a taste of that after taking part in a pilot for a TV program called 'Bad Karma'. If that all went wrong I’d be doing various hustles to stay alive.

Let’s talk about your current project. When’s it out? Can you tell who is involved?

It is out now! You can get it FREE from my bandcamp page: Jabbathakut has produced all the tracks, I met him thru my boy Genesis Elijah at a show we did in Southampton. Also I got Genesis and D21 from Black Mobb on the last track.

So what type of music do you listen to mostly?

I listen to allot of stuff, hiphop from the 90s, drum n bass and jungle, grime, dubstep, rnb, soul, jazz, classical music too.

Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?

I would like to have established a loyal fanbase and be throwing my own events with like-minded emcees, while doing more tours of other countries and working with artists all over the globe.

What have you been most proud of in your career so far?

Selling 40,000 cd’s on the street independently! That is why I am giving this EP away for Free, to celebrate that! The other things I am most proud of would be doing tours of Europe and India and getting into the top 10 on MTV Base, while still being an unsigned artist.

If you could pick one producer to work with in the world who would it be and why?

I don’t know you know that is very difficult to answer, maybe Dj Premier or Dre or Lil Jon, Pete Rock, Dj Quik, Heatmakerz.......

What’s your opinion on the current state of the charts?

The charts are a load of rubbish that I ignore. I don't pay attention to soulless, overly commercialized drivel. However I do like the occasional song that gets in the charts. I liked the beat to 'Pass Out ' and the beat to 'Frisky' still. The good thing is that there are allot of emcees in the charts, which gets the media noticing our music in general, but the labels make them change their style that made them popular in the first place for some reason.

How do you view Hip-Hop right about now?

I think there is allot of good music coming out and allot of rubbish coming out too. People say hiphop is dead if they just take what the mainstream is offering them, but if you look for what you want then you can still find it.

Would you like to see yourself in the top ten?

If I can put a track out that is real to me then yeah why not? However the fame it would bring would be a double edged sword so I don't know if I want that. I'd be happier being an underground name with a big fanbase.

What is your opinion on the current UK music scene?

The UK music scene is very good. Genres have been invented hear that other countries follow like Drum n Bass, Grime, UK Bhangra, Garage, Funky House etc. At the moment allot of artists are trying to do the mainstream commercial thing which I think they should be wary of as the industry is a horrible entity, that can ruin your life.

What’s next for you as an artist?

I have my album 'Keep it together' completed now. It is being mixed at the moment. I have done the first video for it and will be doing more soon. Then I will release it with allot of videos early next year.

Okay before you go please tell us how we can get your music and how people can get in
Touch with you.

You can get my music from my website, which also sells my designer clothing brand so check out the jackets and tee shirts! Also check out these pages:

Thanks for the interview! I wanna big up Tricksta my PR man and all the artists who sell/sold on road and create their own industry: my cousin JAY, DJ Amnesty, Execution Squodd, k-Sly and Chrissy (RIP), Mike GLC, D21, Stylah, D Raw, Darker, Daley Grinder, Genesis Elijah, Terra Slim, Wordsmith, Predator, Rizlo, KC, KJ, Rootsman, Navigator, Lexus, Shadowman, Luc Skyz, Kosha, Curt Composure, Final Element, EC, T Bizzle, Bate Nate, Breakbeat, Mr Drastick, Iron Braydz, Killa P, Tosh, Mohammad Yahya, Jungstas, Yeshuah, Rhyme Asylum and anyone else I forgot!

Interview by Franko Fraize

Thursday, 25 November 2010

My Set on Rhymepad Radio

The Rhymepad Radio show i featured on has now been uploaded to soundcloud. Please have a listen. Im on from 28 mins in.

The set was decent and the whole show smashed it.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Blunt Magazine Mixtape

I have a new exclusive track called 'Rainfall' featured on a Blunt Magazine mixtape. The mixtape features artists such as London Zoo, Dr Syntax, Ransom Badbones and many more.

Listen and download FREE here:

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'The 140 Show' Video

Filmed on a budget of £0.00 cunning film maker/graphic designer Joey Dean shot a video for 'The 140 Show'. Low budget, off the cuff and recieved over 200 hits so far with no promotion. Its been up a while i just been real late in posting it.

Franko Fraize - The 140 Show from Joey Dean on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

New Track Produced By Pasteman

One for the dubstep heads

New Trackz Video

Trackz - Hating On A Youngen

'The 140 Show' Links

Big up Tricksta for the workrate

'The 140 Show' featured all over the net

UK Hip Hop Downloads





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Please visit the online shop for all Hoodlem/Franko related products:

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B-Mus - Good Die young

This is a track and video im feeling. B-Mus has a real meaningfull message. I rate this highly.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

'Here We Go Again' on BBC radio Norfolk

The track 'Here We Go Again' feat Tone aka TBone was played on BBC radio Norfolk.

Listen again here:

The track is taken from the new album 'The 140 show'. if you havent listened yet please follow the link


New Tone AKA TBone Tracks

Follow the link for new tunes from one of Thetfords finest producers Tone AKA TBone:

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'The 140 Show' Credits

The hits so far have been crazy! thanks to everyone who has listened and a special extra thanks to everyone who has played it to someone else.

I just want to credit DJ I.C for his hard work on the album. He produced the majority of the beats on there. check his soundcloud here:

I also want to thanks Joey Dean for the artwork. He is the same man who designed the cover for 'Something In The Making'. Please visit his blogs here:


Of course i want to give credit to Lyrical T who blessed me witha verse on 'Locking It Down'. Lyricals full length offering 'How We Living' is set to drop real soon. You can hear some newness from him including some tracks i feature on here:

Got to big up Tone AKA Tbone for the vocals and producing 'Make Them Ps'. Listen to his latest tunes here :

Last but not least i want to give a massive shout to Jenna Deacon who absolutley smashed 'Locking It Down'. Jenna featured on the track 'MCs Dont Know' taken from the EP 'Something In The Making'. She is a big talent with an amazing voice. Look out for more tracks with me and Jenna in the near future.

Dont forget to follow me:

Facebook - Franko Fraize

Twitter - @frankofraize

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Review On Certified Banger

'The 140 Show' got a review on one of my favourite UK rap blogs 'Certified Banger.

Read the review here:


This track is big so i felt i had to post it:

run tell the world!

Blunt Magazine Mixtape drops soon

BLUNT MAGAZINE UK Mixtape Volume 2 OUT NOV 2010!!!

Featuring.... LDZ, Franko Fraize, Prose, Pantheons Of Zenn-La, Frantic Frank, Lou Hekla, Joey G-Zus, Bigredcap, Oliver Sudden, M9, Capital R, Freedom OF Press, Unfriendly Neighbours, Apex Zero + Roco, Sedgli Slim,.. and more tbc.

Keep an eye on the site

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Franko Fraize + INC

After a studio session in North London

'The 140 show' drops for FREE DOWNLOAD 20/10/10

Friday, 15 October 2010

The 140 Show Drops 18/10/10

Drops 18/10/10 @

Physical copies can be purchased now @

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Trackz - I Work Hard

New video from Trackz. Trackz definatly puts the work in. Check his youtube channel for more videos and take note of the numbers!!

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Friday, 1 October 2010


An interview with some good mates of mine. Souldjasoulz

What’s your name and where you from?

DPF: My name’s Joe (DPF) I hail from Norwich (it’s a fine city) twinned with Novi Sad, Koblenze and Rouen.

REDS: big dutty Reds, NR18 home of old school tape fiends and strange scenes.

What releases have you had out to date?

DPF: I’ve had a bunch of releases since about 99-2000 with beats in progress, breaking bread, humble monkey, and am now currently on Son records who released such works of mine as: “mental floss ep”, “still flossin’ ep” and a full length lp titled ” it’ll never catch on” produced by Mr Laws and Temper.

REDS: On my own imprint Chronic Redeye Music I’ve dropped The All Or Nothing Days album, then Knowledge is King album in 2008 plus the mixtape Ruffneck Intellect Vol.1 at the start of this year. We’ve also just released the SOLDJASOULZ – Soul Sellers EP as a free download so cop that at

What’s your favourite part of being a rapper/MC?

DPF: I love it all, writing, recording and performing but probably studio work my favourite, it’s the most creative bit. i love hearing something that until that day didn’t exist. Playing it back in the car and buzzing off it when its good work.

REDS: Yeah playing back a fresh vocal for the first time is a mad buzz, and being able to immerse myself in studio sessions or a show and get locked into a zone helps me get through my day to day ish, it’s a blessing fam.

What do you think you bring to the table as an MC?

DPF: A bottle of rum and a lazy eye.... other than that i just do what i do, i don’t follow suit or try to fit in, i just do it my way, as best i i enjoy it.

REDS: Gritty hard truths laced with mad wordplay served however the f**k I’m feeling that day.

If you was not involved in music what do you think you would be doing?

DPF: Dead, Prison,Fucked......

REDS: Riding Elephants Down South........

Let’s talk about your current project. When’s it out? Can you tell who is involved?

DPF: The Soul Sellers EP is out now for download at It’s got no featured emcees, just us El Bandito and The Redrin, production courtesy of J-Roots, Dillijence, Mr Laws, Jimmy Green

So what type of music do you listen to mostly?

DPF: Reggae, dancehall, hiphop.

REDS: Yeah he tells you that but all I hear him playing are Scandavian Sea Shanties

Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?

DPF: i don’t know about five months let alone years but hopefully still doing what i love maybe getting paid to do it too would be nice.

REDS: Living it up in New York getting paid to spit bars about living in the UK

What have you been most proud of in your career so far?

DPF: Played Glastonbury once which was good thing to do, but hard question really... i been proud of work i done over the years such as “it’ll never catch on” LP on Son records, plus the stuff i’m doing with reds under the handle SOLDJASOULZ has been good it’s nice to work alongside someone you respect as an artist but who looks at this shit in same way as you do, so it easy to bounce ideas off each other and keep it fresh... “El bandito and the redrin” bang bang boogey.

REDS: I aint a proud man, I just kill it every time.

If you could pick one producer to work with in the world who would it be and why?

DPF: i don’t really care who it is as long as it banging...

REDS: Probably Fredro Starr from Onyx cos he made Last Dayz one of the sickest beats of all time in my humble opinion, and I wanna know if he is actually a fan of the British comedian Freddie Starr

What’s your opinion on the current state of the charts?

DPF: I’m a cynical man but i reckon it’s fucked, i got not much love for where mainstream hiphop is going.... it’s like someone you know who got kidnapped and held hostage for ten years and when you see them you can’t recognize em.....haha.....oh well.

REDS: It is what it is, a load of pony, but I aint gonna hate too much they doing they’re thing, going for the pink pound n all that haha. I aint got my eyes on that anyway I’m searching for that rugged sh*t.

How do you view Hip-Hop right about now?

DPF: yeah it cool, even though i say shit like above, there still people who bring it rough, see i just want to hear bars that make me hungry for that shit and there still enough people in it that keep me thirstin’ for it. Not some rat,cat,mat shit that ya hear on the radio now days.... read a book!

REDS: There’s a lot of weak ish getting made that’s an embarrassment to the culture but I’m still enjoying hip hop cos there’s still people innovating and making exciting music you just gotta wade thru the piles of crap to get it.

Would you like to see yourself in the top ten?

DPF: No i hate money i prefer to struggle.... haha yeah of course i would my mum’d be well happy......proud......then she be like ...”you lil bitch where my money!!”

REDS: I wanna be in the top 10 of everything, including rappers mum’s favourite dinner guests

What is your opinion on the current UK music scene?

DPF: yeah i think there’s alot of people really pushing the boundaries in whatever type of ting they doing, uk still experimentally brave... i cant speak for mainstream sh*t cos i don’t play or listen to it really, but the dubstep and grime thing still pulls on my ears from time to time...

REDS: I’m thriving on the UK scene at the moment even if I don’t like some of the more commercial stuff I still hear loads that inspires me

What’s next for you as an artist?

DPF: To just keep making music and pushing it as much as i can, me and reds got more SOLDJASOULZ (El Bandito and the Redrin) projects in the works, plus i got solo projects in line for Son records soon...

REDS: yeah just keep pushin on really, constantly recording Soldjasoulz stuff, hopefully doing more work with Hoodlem artists and doing solo tracks with producers like J-Roots, Al Royal and DJ DisMiss

Okay before you go please tell us how we can get your music and how people can get in touch with you.

facebook DPF Joe Viggers... safe bro

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Exclusive From EP

To hear an exclusive taken from my forthcoming EP visit this site:

Its hosted on a 'UK aint no joke' mixtape

Hosted By Suus

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Beat Thief Interview

Thank you for taking your time out to do this exclusive interview.
What’s your name and where are you from?

- Beat Thief. South London

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

- working with a wide variety of artists from the UK, US, Canada and Africa, given its only eighteen months since I made my first ever track. I feel I'm constantly progressing and am musically most proud of my last completed track, called "Gallery of Dreams" feat Sarina Leah and Mohammed Yahya, which I co-produced with a songwriter named Sam Steele, out before Christmas hopefully. Overall though its early days and I know my best is yet to come.

Who is the most impressive person you have worked with either mc wise or production?

- Its a cliche but every artist has a different way of working so it seems unfair to single someone out, but that said I found LS and Illvibe, the Canadian artists I work with, had a really professional approach, whilst I recently completed a track with Kinetik of Grand Central, who did like 5 perfect takes of his verse in 10 minutes - his delivery was completely flawless, sick verse as well !

What would you be if it wasn’t for music?

- well I worked in the city for a long time before quitting to give 100% to the music, but I don't make a living off it yet. I love learning and passing on what I pick up so teaching would be a great alternate career.

Where do you want to be in five years?

- a respected producer within the global hip-hop scene; with my camp, DowntownSoul, more established in both the UK and overseas. I am fortunate to work with artists like Poetic Pilgrimage and Mohammed Yahya who are already regularly touring and making a living off music so they act as an inspiration in that sense.

What do you have coming out?

- September's been pretty busy - DowntownSoul released my second full-length project with Manny Moscow online, entitled "The Fusion", which has a soul-jazz kinda feel, with loads of great UK guests including Big Cakes, Iron Braydz, and Supar Novar. And directors Global Faction also dropped my first video, for a track called "Expressions" with Mohammed Yahya, featuring Samyia, which has been getting some great feedback already.

I have quite a few collabo albums close to completion with: Mark Anthony ("Grown Man Music"), Ethneezy ("Hear my Words"), Adriano ("Jig Bond"), Sam Steele ("Thief & Steele"), Richard Roe, Jay Diamond, and Mohammed Yahya. My solo debut is a fake soundtrack called "Tales from the City OST" featuring Poetic Pilgrimage, Genesis Elijah and Logic amongst others but its been pushed back by the collabos. Sorry I forgot I also have a collabo with the Canadian guys, LS and Illvibe, which we've done three tracks for but I think thats not out till early 2011.

What is your opinion on the UK music scene?

- well I'm not sure the UK music scene isn't just a microcosm of the global music scene, in that there are (fewer and fewer) "mainstream" artists, who get 90% of the exposure, with everyone else just struggling to keep their heads above water. I don't see it as a bad thing because it means everyone can get their music out there, and it also forces indie artists to develop marketing and business skills, which in the long-run makes us more self-reliant, which can only be a good thing. In hip-hop in particular, I think there's too much competition and bad blood and not enough collaboration - I've definitely noticed a tendency for some underground artists to put down other (more successful) acts rather than following their lead - "they're sh*t, why's their video on MTV?" just isn't a very constructive approach imo yet a lot of people still seem to have that. So I definitely think the UK hip-hop scene could be a lot more united.

Would you ever consider compromising your sound in order to make money for example? Maybe even working for a big record label helping to produce ‘pop’ tunes? Please discuss….

- I'm open minded about this and the more artists I work with the more my style changes. Nowadays I tend to try and fit the artist's sound more so that naturally affects my composition. I'd even say I've produced a couple of songs already which border on pop (albeit with rapped verses) so I don't have anything against it per se, as long as I can stay faithful to my style and sound. What I do encounter a lot, and don't like, is someone saying to me "make me a beat like [insert current hot track here]" I just find there's zero creativity in setting out to absolutely replicate another song, so it becomes boring, and you get no sense of achievement from it. But I definitely believe I can produce tracks with commercial appeal so I guess its a question of finding the middle ground.

If you could pick anyone to get on a beat of yours who would it be?

- if it was anyone, one of... Cormega, AZ, OC, John Robinson, Tragedy. UK-wise I'd like to work with Mr Ti2bs or M9.

What type of music do you mostly listen to?

- what's called fusion I guess - so soul, jazz, funk, rock, orchestral or where they all meet, mostly stuff between 69 and 76, so people like David Axelrod, Leon Ware, Leroy Hutson, 24 Carat Black, Eddie Hazel - there are so many undiscovered groups and albums from those days I find it fascinating. Hip-hop not so much funnily enough, because my search for samples has become all-consuming !

What are your thoughts on other rappers jumping on your beats without permission for things such as mixtapes or You Tube videos?

- well as a producer its a compliment as long as you get credit. Its not really been an issue yet for me to be honest because I have only a few instrumentals in the public domain.

Have you ever rapped or considered rapping particularly over your own beats?

- after seeing so many emcees record you definitely get thoughts like that sometimes, and you pick up a lot of techniques as well, so people are always asking me when I'm gonna do a Pete Rock or Dilla ! To be honest, I wrote a few rhymes and actually recorded a verse once but it don't feel right yet. That said I could see myself making a spoken word/rapped/sung affair like Quasimoto or Dudley Perkins one day though lol !

Do you prefer to produce tunes with samples or do you prefer to not use any?

- that's changed. I definitely used to prefer using samples all day, because otherwise its hard to get that gritty hip-hop feel when everything's played in. But working with Sam Steele, who plays violin and piano, has made me want to use my keys and include instruments a lot more, so nowadays I probably tend to try and balance both. I think perfect hip-hop tracks meld samples and playing in, so thats what I try to aim for. Some artists also request sample-free tracks so then its outta your hands.

What was the last track or album you bought?

- "Sunstorm" by Zo - he's a neo-soul producer from Chicago who's worked with Phonte and Foreign Exchange, and his stuff is a mix of modern neo-soul and proper retro funk soul - highly recommended. Another guy I rave about is Shafiq Husayn - just check out "Cheeba" featuring Bilal - heavy !!

How do you go about starting a tune?

- if I'm working on my own I almost always start by looking for a sample, which can take hours - I might have ideas of sounds in my head so I'll look for relevant artists based on that - I tend to go through phases, so recently a lot of afro-cuban/latin jazz, like Joe Bataan, Cal Tjader, stuff like that. Once I got something I like I'll play around with it, start chopping it up, then normally decide its not gonna work and go back to square one ! Once I got the chops arranged right I'll add drums and then look for further sound layers from the original sample or play some in. If I'm working with a musician though, I normally do the drums first, so they have a cue to go off and can create the melody, then I'll add layers and arrange the track around that.

Okay before you go please tell us how we can get your music and how people can get in touch with you.

- check me on facebook –
- all my releases at the bandcamp page –
- or email me at

Trackz - Why This Have To Be

New video from Trackz. Decent homemade video for a nice tune. Something deep and meaningfull. have a listen:

Friday, 3 September 2010

New Skepta + Girl From Eastenders

The girl who played Amira in Eastenders left to persue a music career. Apparently she got dropped form the label already but re-signed to another label.

Anyway Skepta has teamed up with her on this new track. I like the tune and i think Skepta is doing a good thing. He seems to be bringing pop to a grime track rather than bring grime to a pop track. Listen to the beat. its definatly grime but the fact he brought the popular well knwon face of 'Amira' and the hook makes it commercially viable. Big up Skepta for keeping his integrity with the music.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Stylah Is An Animal

Go listen to that for the proof. He goes in on 'Fire In The Booth' and goes in a big way.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010



Thank you for taking your time out to do this exclusive interview.

You are very welcome!! xx

What’s your name and where are you from?

Miss Tofelees and I am from Leeds/Huddersfield. Currently in Leeds, back in Huddersfield in August.

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

Creating some sick tunes with some talented artists. The Life and the Music Series with Big Si and “Walk with a Homless Genius” released on DTTS soon. Check my facebook page – Miss Tofelees for tunes with Dabbla of London Zoo, Manny Moscow and Big Cakes, to name a couple.

Who is the most impressive person you have worked with either mc wise or production?

Dabbla, Big Cakes, Homeless Genius and Big Si and Belinda Hards. All very special vocalists.

What would you be if it wasn’t for music?

Probably very depressed, perhaps sectioned in a mental hospital.

Where do you want to be in five years?

Anywhere in the world so long as I am “wealthy” and have a good relationship with my child.

What do you have coming out?

Walk with a Homeless Genius by Homeless Genius released on DTTS coming very soon.

What is your o pi nion on the UK music scene?

At first I was a bit disappointed that everyone who has made it “big” seems to be rapping over dance music with quite shallow lyrics. But I have been really listening and there is a lot of diversity. Plan B raps over soul a little with an interesting concept and Tinioe Tempah uses Drum n Bass rhythms etc. I love the underground scene, there is some amazing music by some very passionate and genuine people. The underground is the blueprint for more commercial tunes I think.

Would you ever consider compromising your sound in order to make money for example working with a major label to produce a 'pop' tune?

I think there is plenty of opportunity for the most skilled producers to make a bit of dough and work on projects they more genuinely feel. I have the utmost respect for Cee Lo and was shocked to hear he produced the tune for the Pussycat Dolls “Dont cha?”.The most ideal situation is for a producer’s unique sound to become the most wanted thing in pop – the Neptunes, Alchemist, 9th Wonda, DJ Premier, Jay Dee have all done pop tunes without compromising their style. It is possible if you are a genius!!

If you could pick anyone to get on a beat of yours who would it be?

Hmmmm, someone like MF Doom because he is so unique, so creative, quite zany, very funny! Or maybe Plug One from De La Soul because he is extremely wise and intelligent and uses metaphors and symbolism well.

What type of music do you mostly listen to?

On the way to work I mostly listen to the latest free downloads from other artists usually more successful than me so I can hopefully learn something. Then at home I spend hours listening to old music looking for amazing samples.

What are your thoughts on other rappers jum pi ng on your beats without permission for things such as mixtapes or You Tube videos?

Well I do think it is quite rude, but fortunately I have never come across this situation before. I would like to think most people who have used my beats have told me, it would be good karma. I have no evidence of this ever happening fortunately.

Have you ever rapped or considered rap pi ng particularly over your own beats?

I did the odd rap a few years ago, and some poetry, but I have decided to focus on becoming a master at hiphop production. I totally love the challenge.

Do you prefer to produce tunes with samples or do you prefer to not use any?

I actually prefer samples because I love the romantic, nostalgic aspect of hiphop – it all started with two turntables and an amazing break. I love bringing that essence to my hiphop beats.

What was the last track or album you bought?

I bought five Slave albums for £18 from HMV. Bargain. Also a Roy Ayres album from Jumbo in Leeds for £12. Average price.

How do you go about starting a tune?

Listening to loads of music finding amazing samples. That’s how I start.

Rhymepad Radio

A very decent radio show:

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

'Go On And Cry' Got A Mention


Franko Exclusive On Rhyme Pad Radio

Big up my Cambridge connection. Rhyme pad radio played an exclusive from the new project. The track is called 'Them There'.

Follow the link to listen:

V Festival

Here is my round up/opinion on this years V Festival:

Chase and Status smashed it. They were heavy. The mosh pits was unreal. Actual mosh pits. Everyone who attended had it. Definatly the highlight. When Plan B joined em for 'End Credits' the place went mad.

Mj Cole was class. Well enjoyed it. Had a proper rinse out. Was buzzing to see the name on the listings and definatly didnt dissapoint.

Jamie T was class.

Plan B has grown as an artist so much. He came out suited and booted and the response he got was ridiculous. Mind you his album has been in the charts for a very very long time as well as having singles tearing up the charts all year.

Madness were as good as ever. Never a dissapoinment.

Chipmunk seemed to think he was some next level rapper. Honestly seemed to think he was on par with Jay Z or somehting. Shame the crowed didnt agree. They didnt seemed too invloved with any of his set.

Tinie Tempah proved that 2 decent beats can make you a star. I aint taking anything away from him either. His set was pretty decent. I was buzzing he played 'Tears' as well. He flopped by doing a Ga Ga cover but then obviously 'pass out' smashed it to pieces.

Example is another who has proved that he has left the rap scene behind but made a good name for himself in the process. He is the front man for this whole electric club rap thing and it seemed like he found his niche. The crowed enjoyed it and he did too.

Pro Green seemed to entertain the masses as well. He held it down well.

That was about it for 2010. A very good year though. Enjoyed it.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

New Track Featured On Blatently Blunt

My new tune 'Go On And Cry' has been featured on the blog 'Blatenly Blunt'. For those not in the know 'Blatently Blunt' is a decent blog for grime/rap content. Floow the link below to have a look:

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Get The EP Free!!!!

3 Free Copies!!

As a build up to the new release im giving away 3 free copies of the EP i got out with Lyrical T called 'Something In The Making'

first 3 people to email me there address get it free!

email -

New Tune

I have put up a new tune and its also up for free download. Please go have a listen and download it and send to everyone you know:

New release coming real soon!

Follow Me

If your on twitter please join Remus and Scorzaysee and follow me:


Late Interview

Interview with Midlands Legend LATE from the Wolftown collective:

What’s your name and where you from?

They call me LATE I am from Wolverhampton AKA Wolftown

I know you have been involved with bare mixtapes such as the Wolftown ones but please state some of the releases have you had out to date?

Villains – Welcome To Wolftown,
Wolftown Committee – Legendary Status,
LATE – International Rhyme Spittin,
LATE – The Villainous One, (underground release)
LATE – An English Man In New York, (underground release)
LATE – 2 Thousand & LATE, (underground release)
LATE – Below Street Level,
LATE – UK Rapscallion,
LATE – From The Vaults. (Digital Release)
Plus countless mixtapes and compilations that myself and Tricksta have put together.

What’s your favourite part of being a rapper/MC?

The creative side of things, making a project come together from nothing.

What do you think you bring to the table as an MC?

I rap mostly about my own life and my surroundings. I don’t rap about what’s in fashion at that moment and just string a load of fancy words together from a rhyming dictionary. I just do me, so if you like music by a real person check me out.

If you was not involved in music what do you think you would be doing?

Probably something to do with art or the creative industry or an independent trader like a young Del Boy lol!

Let’s talk about your current project. When’s it out? Can you tell who is involved?

I’ve just released 2 projects “UK Rapscallion” which is a 12 track album available on CD and MP3 it features Genesis Elijah, Manny Moscow, Tuberculosis, Iron Bryadz, Supar Novar, Streetz, Reload, K9, Tuberculosis, Cyclonious, Blazin, Hicks, Sketchman, Serocee, Creamo and Jai Boo. I have also just released a MP3 digital album called “From The Vaults” which is a collection of underground unreleased tracks and collaborations that we’ve had sitting in the vaults for the last few years.

So what type of music do you listen to mostly?

I mostly listen to independent Hip Hop from the UK, West Coast, East Coast, Down South, Midwest I like all styles from Conscious Hip Hop to Hard Core Reality Rap, G-Funk; to old skool Miami Bass I like all styles. I just like independent music because it’s usually more from the heart and not just being made to sell units.

Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?

Hopefully still doing what I am doing only being more successful. Some people think you should stop rapping at a certain age but that depends on what audience you’re aiming your music at, look at artists like KRS One & Ice T they are still making banging music.

What have you been most proud of in your career so far?

Getting to work with artists I grew up listening to like Willie D from the Geto Boys and the Houston legend K-Rino to name a few. And to be still putting out music 11 years on when a lot of people didn’t take us that serious and we’re still here!

If you could pick one producer to work with in the world who would it be and why?

Mike Dean the producer from Rap A Lot records he produced most of their material artists like Scarface and Geto Boys I just like his style of production.

What’s your opinion on the current state of the charts?

I don’t listen to any of that or get involved in it.

How do you view Hip-Hop right about now?

I think real Hip Hop has peaked and is going back underground real hip hop is still out there. All the artists that are still signed or that are getting signed are having to compromise their music to gain a more mainstream audience. That’s just my opinion…

Would you like to see yourself in the top ten?

It doesn’t interest me, if I had a song that sold a lot of units and it made it into the charts I would welcome the sales and the exposure but it’s not the reason I make music.

What is your opinion on the current UK music scene?

It’s still developing I like what’s going on the independent side of things.

What’s next for you as an artist?

I’ve got an EP coming out, and then I’m working on my next full length album.

Before you go please tell us how we can get your music and how people can get in touch with you.

Big Si Interview


Bless for taking time out for the interview. Please state your name and where you from?

My Names Big Si, I'm from a town called Abergele in North Wales.

What releases have you had out to date?

I class my official release as "Life & Music eps 1 & 2" before that i dropped a few mixtapes locally. Jackin for beats was my first back in 2005, i look at that as a learning curve when i listen to it now i sound like a completly different rapper. My next was called "my introduction" thats the one that caught peoples attention.

What’s your favourite part of being a rapper/MC?

I just love being creative and making something from nothing. To me theres no feeling in the world like hearing my words come to life. I get a sence of fulfilment from it that i can't get with a 9 to 5 job.

What do you think you bring to the table as an MC?

As an MC i think i bring originality to the table, i stay in my lane. I'm not trynna switch up and do a dance record one minute then a grime the next. I'm 100% hiphop. I feel like i'm representing from all the people from towns who are frustrated with the industry the way it is. I'm straight down the middle i tell it like it is.

If you was not involved in music what do you think you would be doing?

God only knows, more then likely i would of lost my mind by now.

Let’s talk about your current project. When’s it out? Can you tell who is involved?

The project's called "Life and Music 2" it's produced by Miss Tofelee's.It's avalible now as a free download It features Former Deathrow records artist Slip Capone and Belinda Hards from the group kneu jeruslum. It's a future undergroud classic trust me download it.

So what type of music do you listen to mostly?

I mostly listen to Rap but i do like some r&b

Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?

Hopefully still breathing sat in a studio getting paid for rapping. Also i like to be developing new artists.

What have you been most proud of in your career so far?

There's been a few. I did a drop with Dj Bobcat a few years back for the core DJ's in the usa. Getting my song "Real Talk" featured on BBC 1XTRA home grown talent with Ras Kwame and an interview and freestyle i did for a dvd thats coming out called "Road to the Riches"

If you could pick one producer to work with in the world who would it be and why?

There's so many i can't narrow it down to one but i would love to work with DJ Quik. The guys so underrated but so talented. Listed to any of his albums you can tell alot of thought and hours have gone into creating them beats.

What’s your opinion on the current state of the charts?

it's saturated with bullshit. To be honest i don't really follow it.

How do you view Hip-Hop right about now?

I think there's been some great albums surface this year. I really liked the Nas and Damien Marley album. Eminems recovery was really good to. For the uk Giggz definatly held it down. There's a rapper from the south in the usa called Alex King. His albums one of the best I've heard in years. It came out last summer and i'm still playin it.

Would you like to see yourself in the top ten?

Of course thats were the money is. You hear rappers say all the time "'ll never go commercial" but what difference does it make. It just means you more popular.

What is your opinion on the current UK music scene?

I like all the underground stuff i'm hearing. But let's be real. The radio say they support UK music. what they really should say is they support "London music" every rapper who breaks through is from that way. I'm not hating it's just a fact.
The uk's made up of a lot of towns and citys. Birmingham, manchester, wales, scotland ireland the list goes on. But you never hear artists from them places get played on a regular basis and to me i think thats bullshit. labels and radio are either black ballin us or they just to lazy to get off there arse's and look else where.

What’s next for you as an artist?

I'm peforming at the oxjam festival in chester on the 2nd of october. I've got a mixtape that should be dropping at the end of the year called "Breaking Point" and possible another ep september/october time.

Before you go please tell us how we can get your music and how people can get in touch with you.


Had trouble getting on the blog but im back now!!!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Vote DJ Ames


DJ Ames has been nominated for a few awards and would really appreciate your support if possible

He is nominated at the UMA's (Underground Music Awards) in the “DJ Of The Year” Category. Please vote at

He is also nominated at the IDJ Awards in two different categories “International DJ” and “Hustler DJ”. Please vote at

Don’t forget you can get the entire extensive DJ Ames catalogue at

Get noticed and get heard, holla at DJ Ames direct


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A.K.A Subliminal Interview

Thank you for taking your time out to do this exclusive interview.
Not a problem homie!

What’s your name and where you from?
I go by the name a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL, and I am from the ‘T Dot’, Toronto Canada.

What releases have you had out to date?
I recently released my self produced, 17 track, debut album entitled ‘TRAINATHOUGHT’…a style of hip hop I call Soul Hop that was born out of my frustration with all the fast food music that is out there today.

What’s your favorite part of being a rapper/MC?
The ability to use words to relay messages and spark change…on many levels. It could be to make somebody let loose after a long day, or to make someone re- evaluate their priorities in life.

What do you think you bring to the table as an MC?
I think I bring back that realism. My style, content, etc. reminds people of what hip hop use to be…honest, real, and would leave you with a little food for thought without being ‘preachy’. You know there was a time in hip hop, if you rapped about things you didn’t actually have, cats would make fun of you for ‘FRONTIN’. Now we are use to people straight up lying about what they got and people are good with it? Not me. If you are 14 don’t rap about getting off your
5 million dollar tour bus, rap about how you plan on getting out of your momma’s basement.

If you was not involved in music what do you think you would be doing?
I would most likely either be doing architectural design in a firm, or I would be teaching.

Let’s talk about your current project. When’s it out? Can you tell who is involved?
My latest release is going to be on the U Turn project headed up by the president of Neo 2 Soul Promotions, Godfrey Fletcher and the man himself Herb Middleton. The track is called ‘Far Away’ ft. U.K.’s own Sheigh. The track produced by Herb Middleton sounds like a cross between Aaliyah’s ‘Rock the Boat’, and a reggae track. This will be a BIG CHUNE for the summer…TRUSS ME! I truly feel honored to be working with Herb on this track, and still cant believe that it took a guy from the UK (Godfrey) to spread my name to a cat from the US (Herb) to put this Toronto artist on! I guess it was just a matter of time until I met another collective of artist who are as serious and passionate about the art as I am. In short, this track has opened doors and unbelievable opportunities, and I am loving every second of it…its refreshing.

So what type of music do you listen to mostly?
It’s actually soul music...Musiq, Eric Roberson, Jaheim. I am also a huge Foreign exchange fan but for the most part, even though I am a hip hop artist my motivation as of late has been coming from soul. I guess because it remains real, true and speaks to me and where I am at this stage in my life.

Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?
Where my hero Eric Roberson is right now…making great music, moving crowds, married with a kid, a distribution deal but always in charge of my future and how I move forward. I see bigger acting roles (hopefully a steady one on a show) and taking my work with the youth to a more global scale.

What have you been most proud of in your career so far?
I’d probably have to say creating my album ‘TRAINATHOUGHT’. When I say that I did everything I MEAN EVERYTHING. I produced all the beats (except for 1), wrote, mixed, co-mastered and even did the artwork.
That bar code in the bottom right corner was carefully positioned by yours On the real though, when you hold a copy of my album in your hands that is 3 to 4 years of my life you are holding.
I hope you enjoy my labor of love.

If you could pick one producer to work with in the world who would it be and why?
J. Dilla hands down…R.I.P. I loved his style for the obvious reasons, swing, creativity, timing etc. but I have always loved his unpredictability i.e. His Latin interludes on his album, etc. Bottom line I think if we ever got the chance to work together there could have been some crazy ‘SOUL HOP’ music created. Not to mention where we could have taken it when performing live on stage. Once again R.I.P. J.

What’s your opinion on the current state of the charts?
In a nutshell, it is not diverse enough. Most of the subject matter is all about the same thing…money, women, club and “love”. The danger in this is that the younger generation is not exposed to what I consider to be ‘real’ music. Music that dives a little deeper into issues and get at the core of the issue. Now it seems that to be noticed you have to be crazy and outlandish. Lady Gaga. I wish people would understand that Andre 3000 dressed like that to make a real and honest statement and not just to be different to sell records…at least that’s my opinion.

How do you view Hip-Hop right about now?
Hip-hop has lost its way. I cant tell you how many people have thanked me for finally putting out an album that they can play in front of their kids. What does that say about where we are at musically? What does that mean if you can no longer share this amazing art form with the next generation? Hip hop will go back to the underground where it all started leaving the T Pains, etc to fill that commercial radio void while the Foreign Exchanges and a.k.a.
SUBLIMINAL’s take it back to what it was and should be…some realness.

Would you like to see yourself in the top ten?
If I could do it and not have to sacfrifice who I am and what I stand for then sure. I once did a show for a corporation and had an interviewer ask me if I felt I was selling out. I said no. The people at NIKE never asked me to change who I was, nor change my message or be less creative…in fact it was the opposite. If a corporation wants to pay me to continue to do me and ultimately expose people to another side of hip hop and do it on a large scale….SO BE IT. I am all about balance. Play the bubble gum rap that makes you want to drink and have fun, but also play some serious ish, with some real messages that may touch on politics, etc….but please…let the people think and give them something to think about. There is a lot wrong in the world right now on many levels, so it amazes me that the most we can spew out on radio is more of the same and nothing else.
Beyonce, if you can hear me…I know you can sing about some real ish…stop with the ‘video phone’ BS and give me something real that I can really take in and think about….at some point seeing a grown ass woman still trying to appeal to 16 year old girls is gonna’ look a lil’ ridiculous.

What is your opinion on the current UK music scene?
To be honest I hear mixed messages. On one hand I hear that the people in the UK have the BEST appreciation for real music…on the other, I hear that the UK hop hop scene in particular is being plagued with a lot of what we see on commercial American Radio….people singing/rhyming about nothing. I guess I’ll have a better idea once I arrive on the 2nd of July.

What’s next for you as an artist?
I think you will see the SUBLIMINAL name become much bigger in both the Music soul scene, the acting scene and the motivational speaking scene. People have been catching wind of what I have been doing and the demand for your boy Sub is increasing. Word is traveling and I am loving every minute of it. People are getting frustrated and looking for change..on many levels. The love I have been experiencing from the UK is unlike any I have experienced. I feel like the people in the UK are not just looking at me through 1 lens, rather, you all are looking at me and my entire story, truly appreciating what I represent, why I do what I do, and are hype to help in any way. For that I am grateful. Oh yeah..also look out for me in video games in the very near future. I recently landed a spot in a game from Ubisoft and will be available this Christmas on all gaming consoles. Can’t stop won’t stop..your boy Sub has his hands in everything!

Okay before you go please tell us how we can get your music and how people can get in touch with you.
No doubt fam. The album is called ‘TRAINATHOUGHT’ and can be downloaded from all major sites: iTunes, Rhapsody, emusic, Amazon, Napster and can be ordered from CD baby or HMV. My website is under construction (, but for now please check me out

Much love Franko and thanks for the love. People, please continue to support real music and the artists struggling to make it.


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Plan B

Very innovative. I recon Plan B should make a film based on the album. Like Bugsy Malone style. Proper musical. i recon it would work well. Anyway here is new video for track 'Preyin'

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Supar Novar

Big Track

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Monday, 17 May 2010

Im playing here Friday

New Chipmunk

Im pleased that this one aint another girl tune. Definatly got a Kanye Vibe to it

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Big shout to Joey Dazzler. He is doing big things at the moment. Joey Dazzler is the man who created all the artwork for 'Something In The Making'. He has now worked with a few artists including 'The Blighters'. Here is the cover he designed:

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Jabba Tha Kut Show

Jabba dropped one of my tunes on his show. Have a listen back here:

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dizzee + Chase + Status

Track is called heavy.

New Soldjasoulz

If you like hip hop then go grab a copy of the 'Soul Sellers EP' from Soldjasoulz. Its a nice slab of that real rhyme hip hop. They speak a lot of truth and the lyrics and wordplay are something to marvel. This is definatly a strong release from Soldjasoulz (DPF + Redeye) and has a comic element to it. Big up the host Uncle Joe

Genesis Elijah

Putting this up cos i like it a lot

Devilman Is Vexed

Devilman is back. Back and sending for Skepta. I can see how he is pisssed off. Especially cos the whole boy better know using Devilman flow thing. Id be pissed too. Anyway have a listen

Thursday, 29 April 2010

BNP VS Leathal B

Apparently Leathal B wrote on Twitter 'You want to be famous? murder the BNP leader. You will be a hero' causing the BNP to try and press criminal charges against Bizzle.

Google it for more info. I cant be bothered to look for a link

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Chris Kamara = Legend


Didnt realise this had a video

New Devlin FT Giggs

Big up Dogzilla

Monday, 26 April 2010

Mic Fight Is Now Live

Live on Filmed in Peacock Gym (home to Rocky 'Real Deal' Dean). To be honest i expected more from this. I think most people did. Ghetts and P Money pulled out which flopped it. Tim Westwood could have done better hosting it. The clashes were ok but seemed bit un-organised. Still worth a look tho. Have a butchers


New Sway

Taken from the 'Delivery Mixtape'. This is a big big track. Im feeling it in a big way. Proper honest track and the beat is BIG. Hooks a little mad but on the whole its a big tune.

New Frisco

Produced by S-X (responsible for the Woo Ridim) this is Friscos new en.

Roll Deep F64

Big F64. I think they all went in well on this. Scratchy got some football bars well worth listening to. Ol' Scratchy loves the wordplay. Definatly back in a big way. smashes this

Diddy Talks UK

Definatly worth a read. Diddy seems well up for pushing the UK sound over his side of the water

Out Today

Roll Deep - Good Times is released today. Its a proper dancy number but a real good time track. Im not gonna deny that its got that pop edge and true roll deep have come along way since the days of 'creeper' but still its a track i want to see do well. With all these uk rap acts crossing over and enjoying chart success i wouldnt mind roll deep having some of that themselves.

Also in chart related news Chipmunk went straight in at numer 3 this week. He lost out on the top spot to X Factors Diana Vickers and Usher dropped to number 2 with OMG.



Friday, 23 April 2010

That Woooo Tape

The mixtape with all the Woooo ridims is coming soon.

StayFresh Music presents the long awaited "Woooo" Mixtape sponsored by BOXFRESH - available to download from APRIL 30TH

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Doctor Is Back

Its good to see doctor back and in a big way. Real nice hook, real nice message. Big track

New Noel Clarke Film

New Tinie

Another Hit????

Tinie spits in a weird way nowdays.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


I remember when this kid used to go to rap shows to perform to uk rappers. He has gone a long long way

Remus - Over

Massive Track From Remus

Skepta And PDiddy

P Diddy Tweeted on the weekend for who would best suit a Grime version of his track 'Hello Good Morning'. It seems Skepta was the most suitable and pdiddy later Tweeted him asking for contact details so they could hook up. Massive look for Skepta as well as the UK.

Chipmunk Number 2

It seems Chipmunk is currently number 2 in the charts with 'Until You were Gone'.

New Giggs

Official video for Giggs new single 'Look What The Cat Dragged In' released 7th June

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Mic Fight

This Saturday (17/05/10) is when mic fight goes live on the risky roadz website ( This was supposed to be the event where P Money and Ghetto clashed but apprently Ghetto pulled out?? anyway there is still some clashes going down including:

Big H and Wariko, Fumin and Big Narstie, Skanx and Flirta D, Diesle and Pres T, 9 Milli Major and Sharky Major

The whole event is being hosted by Tim Westwood. Not sure how the battles are gonna be shown? maybe just uploaded to the website on Saturday. Oh and i heard that Big H didnt turn up. Also heard the fumin clash was madness

Hit up on Saturday the 17th

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Pro Green Doing Well

Pro Green released his single 'I Need You Tonight' on monday. The track is a dancy commercial rap tune. Its a catchy track. Anyway its number 2 in the itunes chart! Im buzzing off this cos i think its a good look for the whole scene for rappers we know and love to break thru to that commercial world. The more people who listen to pro green the more people that are likely to listen to other uk rappers.

Anyway basically lets get this to number 1. Im going to buy my copy now