Tuesday, 24 August 2010

V Festival

Here is my round up/opinion on this years V Festival:

Chase and Status smashed it. They were heavy. The mosh pits was unreal. Actual mosh pits. Everyone who attended had it. Definatly the highlight. When Plan B joined em for 'End Credits' the place went mad.

Mj Cole was class. Well enjoyed it. Had a proper rinse out. Was buzzing to see the name on the listings and definatly didnt dissapoint.

Jamie T was class.

Plan B has grown as an artist so much. He came out suited and booted and the response he got was ridiculous. Mind you his album has been in the charts for a very very long time as well as having singles tearing up the charts all year.

Madness were as good as ever. Never a dissapoinment.

Chipmunk seemed to think he was some next level rapper. Honestly seemed to think he was on par with Jay Z or somehting. Shame the crowed didnt agree. They didnt seemed too invloved with any of his set.

Tinie Tempah proved that 2 decent beats can make you a star. I aint taking anything away from him either. His set was pretty decent. I was buzzing he played 'Tears' as well. He flopped by doing a Ga Ga cover but then obviously 'pass out' smashed it to pieces.

Example is another who has proved that he has left the rap scene behind but made a good name for himself in the process. He is the front man for this whole electric club rap thing and it seemed like he found his niche. The crowed enjoyed it and he did too.

Pro Green seemed to entertain the masses as well. He held it down well.

That was about it for 2010. A very good year though. Enjoyed it.

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