Friday, 31 July 2009

Dubstep Allstars Volume 3

Just Copped this. The Tracklisting is big, Kode9 got a big mix, only problem is Spaceape dont do it for me. Maybe its a grower but just aint feeling him on the whole mix.

Couple of tunes would have been enough

RIP Bobby Robson 1933-2009

Former England manager Sir Bobby Robson has died at the age of 76, following a long battle with cancer.

Robson will be best remembered on the international stage for leading England to the 1990 World Cup semi-final

A good man.

May he rest in peace

Norwich - Squares - Tonight - Hustle & Flow

Yes People,

Big Drum and Bass do tonight in Norwich, Squares nightclub.

The night is called 'Hustle & flow'. It features the one and only DJ Hype with MC Skibadee.

Some real talent there as well in the way of DJ Scotty, DJ Perfection, MC Herbalist, MC Azza B, MC Bad Boy B and Redeye

Im gonna try my best to make it there. If i do ill give a write up

J2K - Wake Up

First i just want to start with a little fact. In terms of UK Grime J2K was the first man to put out a mixtape title 'Heat On The Streets'

Anyway with that aside i copped J2K's newest release an EP titled 'Wake Up'.

J2K has been doing a lot of promotion for it so i was eagerly waiting it. I wasn't disappointed.

this is a good all round release. the beats all suit J2k and feel like they was all made specifically for this project. they all have some similarity to them but also stand out if you know what i mean. the only other place i could see these beats working would be on a roll deep release.

Anyway basically what I'm trying to say is this has its own identity to it that makes it stands out from a lot of the current grime releases.

All the guests shine (Manga, Flowdan, Alex Mills, Jammer, Frisco and that fella from roll deep circles)

J2k is impressive. He made videos for a few of the tracks on it. 'Danger' being the lead single

For me the standout tracks are 'Danger', 'Talk Of The Town' featuring Jammer and Frisco, 'Things We Do' is probably my favourite which has a nice vocal hook from Alex Mills and the biggest beat on the CD.
'Vacation' is a nice tune too. A story type tune with a big beat. To be fair there isn't a track on here i ever feel to skip.

The only downside to the EP is i cant credit any producers because J didn't feel it necessary to credit anyone in the inlay.

Well done though J2K. You made a good CD there mate.

Go Cop It!

Random Bootlegging??

Found this site just now:

Seems like some Americans have decided its ok to sell the EP 'Something In The Making' for a cheap price without any permission. All i can say is RANDOM. Suppose its good that its getting out to a new audience and all that. Would have been nice if they asked tho.

Pleaase support and buy your copy legitametly from



Footage From Overtime Show feat Chipmunk

Shout to T'Leevz,

Back in February I performed at an Overtime event feat Risky Bizniz and Chipmunk , Wretch and Double S. Some footage has been uploaded to youtube.

Below is a video of me and Lyrical performing 'Get Gully' from the EP 'Something In The Making'

Below is a highlights reel from the night:

Some more footage from the night is on Youtube. Find it on the related videos bit


Thursday, 30 July 2009

Rago Magazine Interview

Shout to Tricksta,

Got a real good interview done for Rago Magazine recently. the site is run by Tricksta and covers a lot of Hip Hop related stuff. I think the interview is big.

Have a read by following this link:

Brian Belo Reppin 'Something In The Making'

Massive shout to Mr Belo,

The Big Brother 8 winner and essex wideboy showed his support for the CD. Posing with Lyrical T below

Share in Brians wealth and cop yourself a copy from


Norwich City V Thetford Town

Thetford town played a pre season friendly against League 1's Norwich City last night. Norwich have had a decent build up to the start of the new campaign. They recently got a 1-1 draw against Manchester United Youngers and a 1-0 win over Crystal Palace. Being quite a few leagues above thetford (at least about 8 i think) Norwich were ovbiously favourites. I was optamistic. Thetford started well but Norwich were just too good in the end. The game finished 4-1 to Norwich. Massive shout out to Dimple. Played well son.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Dubstep Set - New Link

Yes People,

Got a new link for the dubstep set 'Sparring Volume 1' feat DJ Scotty, Franko Fraize + Lyrical T

Had a fair few downloads already so thanks for the support.

Bootleg this as far and wide as you can


Monday, 27 July 2009

Sparring Volume1 - Dubstep Set

Yes people,

got a dubstep set up for download. the set is mixed by DJ Scotty and features Franko Fraize and Lyrical T. Please download it then burn it and send to every single person you know.

Run tell all ya friends


*copy and paste link into browser. download link at bottom of the page


Classic Tune - Pull Up Dat

Shout to Westwood,

This tune got played on sundays show. Reminded me how much i used to love this one. Classic channel U buisness!


Big Show In Ipswich August 13th

Shout to Truth,

Make sure you get down to ipswich for this one. Especially if your a Hip Hop Head. gonna be a real big night. one of the best this year i recon. Tickets are selling fast so make sure you get yours sorted soon. If you on facebook there is a group for it.

Tickets availible here:

See ya there

The Bug - Skeng

Yes people,

Been away to OX town for the weekend. Came back and found a video for one of my favourite tunes. The bug - Skeng. Proper classic in my eyes. Could listen to this all day. Flowdan and Killa P on the vocals:


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Adel Taarabt Returns

Buzzin cos the mighty QPR have signed Taarabt for a season long lone. He is a Spurs player who came to us for the end of last season on loan. Definatly shined when he was with us. I think a lot of him and im happy he is back.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

UK Runnings Mixtape

Big Up Tricksta,

Got sent the link to this mixtape from Redeye. the mixtape is a free download hosted by Uk Runnings and Tricksta. M9 features quite heavily on this. M9 is a very good rapper. In terms on uk hip hop there isn't a great deal that exites me. The main stuff that does exite me is the gritty roar rap that reminds me of the Wu era. I feel M9 brings that too the table as does Triple Darkness, Scribblah, Klash and a few others. anyway here is a nice little offering from the UK Runnings team.

Have a butchers cos this one is heavy!



Shout to Nicky for getting me onto this one. Found a profile for me on Seems like a decent site so i stuck a few more tracks up on there. Few little hardly heard tunes up there. Go pay it a visit. its appreciated:


Little Dee feat Bare People - Walk The Walk

New little Dee tune featuring bare MCs. This one them super group type things where they get a load of MCs to kill of a tune. In my opinion this is massive. Brazen goes in big. definatly stands out. Maverick been someone i been feeling for a while too so good to see him pop up on here. Chipmunk shows up on the hook.


Not sure if its on Little Dee's new mixtape. He got 'Once In a Blue' dropping August 17th. Go cop it when it comes.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Newham Generals - Hard (Breakage Together)

Newham Generals have been one of my favourite crews for a while. They totally smashed up the Heavy Meckle CD. Go cop that if you aint already. Now only a duo - D Double is a legend in the game and Footsie is one my top 3 MCs. I could listen to him all day. Big producer too

Anyway here is a new tune by Newham Generals getting played all over Logan and Semtex. the tune is big. they vocalled the Dubstep Banger that is Together By Breakage:

This is a banger. Massive dubstep beat with two overly heavy MC's.

Its all you need in your life


New Free Tinchy EP

Tinchy is an artist i been repping for a very long time now. Its good to see how well he is doing and how he is opening doors for the whole of the UK Rap music scene.

Posted on his blog today he has put up his second free EP download (1st was up few weeks back).

Go download it cos its heavy and its free. no complaints there.

Nice MJ tribute cover too:

Download Link:


Lowestoft Show This Thursday 24th

Shout to MC Azza B,

Big man on the DnB Azza B got a do going on in Lowestoft on thursday 24th July. Its his sisters birthday party at the Bluenotes club Anyway I got a dubstep set there with Dj Scotty. Gonna bring Lyrical too. Think its open to the public as well as being a private function. Not sure but if your in the area come down and have a rinse out. Gonna be a good do. Looking forward to seeing DJ Perfection and Azza smash it up!!


Monday, 20 July 2009

Certified Banger Review

Massive shout to Aidan,

Certified Banger is one of the biggest blogs out there for UK music. Mainly a hip hop orientated blog it also has reviews of other genres and always has an honest opinion of everything reviewed.

definitely a good look getting the EP reviewed on there

follow the link:

big up CB all dizzle!

EP Availible On Suspect Packages

Massive shout to disorda at suspect packages.

Disorda has been a firm player in the UK hip hop world for a very long time. Anything that is big in UKHH has been played and sold thru the online shop that is

That is why im buzzing that he put the new Franko Fraize + Lyrical T EP up on the shop. Definatly a big look. Massive shout to Disorda.

Follow the link and cop the CD

Big Cd and Big Shop!

Support The Cause


Yes people,

thought id start a blog to share loads of stuff i got. this year been a big year already. finally got the EP out with Lyrical T. been getitng good feedback from that. got a lot of projects coming up as well so thought id start something online to share them on

gonna try keep it regular and relevent

run tell a friend