Thursday, 29 April 2010

BNP VS Leathal B

Apparently Leathal B wrote on Twitter 'You want to be famous? murder the BNP leader. You will be a hero' causing the BNP to try and press criminal charges against Bizzle.

Google it for more info. I cant be bothered to look for a link

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Chris Kamara = Legend


Didnt realise this had a video

New Devlin FT Giggs

Big up Dogzilla

Monday, 26 April 2010

Mic Fight Is Now Live

Live on Filmed in Peacock Gym (home to Rocky 'Real Deal' Dean). To be honest i expected more from this. I think most people did. Ghetts and P Money pulled out which flopped it. Tim Westwood could have done better hosting it. The clashes were ok but seemed bit un-organised. Still worth a look tho. Have a butchers


New Sway

Taken from the 'Delivery Mixtape'. This is a big big track. Im feeling it in a big way. Proper honest track and the beat is BIG. Hooks a little mad but on the whole its a big tune.

New Frisco

Produced by S-X (responsible for the Woo Ridim) this is Friscos new en.

Roll Deep F64

Big F64. I think they all went in well on this. Scratchy got some football bars well worth listening to. Ol' Scratchy loves the wordplay. Definatly back in a big way. smashes this

Diddy Talks UK

Definatly worth a read. Diddy seems well up for pushing the UK sound over his side of the water

Out Today

Roll Deep - Good Times is released today. Its a proper dancy number but a real good time track. Im not gonna deny that its got that pop edge and true roll deep have come along way since the days of 'creeper' but still its a track i want to see do well. With all these uk rap acts crossing over and enjoying chart success i wouldnt mind roll deep having some of that themselves.

Also in chart related news Chipmunk went straight in at numer 3 this week. He lost out on the top spot to X Factors Diana Vickers and Usher dropped to number 2 with OMG.



Friday, 23 April 2010

That Woooo Tape

The mixtape with all the Woooo ridims is coming soon.

StayFresh Music presents the long awaited "Woooo" Mixtape sponsored by BOXFRESH - available to download from APRIL 30TH

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Doctor Is Back

Its good to see doctor back and in a big way. Real nice hook, real nice message. Big track

New Noel Clarke Film

New Tinie

Another Hit????

Tinie spits in a weird way nowdays.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


I remember when this kid used to go to rap shows to perform to uk rappers. He has gone a long long way

Remus - Over

Massive Track From Remus

Skepta And PDiddy

P Diddy Tweeted on the weekend for who would best suit a Grime version of his track 'Hello Good Morning'. It seems Skepta was the most suitable and pdiddy later Tweeted him asking for contact details so they could hook up. Massive look for Skepta as well as the UK.

Chipmunk Number 2

It seems Chipmunk is currently number 2 in the charts with 'Until You were Gone'.

New Giggs

Official video for Giggs new single 'Look What The Cat Dragged In' released 7th June

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Mic Fight

This Saturday (17/05/10) is when mic fight goes live on the risky roadz website ( This was supposed to be the event where P Money and Ghetto clashed but apprently Ghetto pulled out?? anyway there is still some clashes going down including:

Big H and Wariko, Fumin and Big Narstie, Skanx and Flirta D, Diesle and Pres T, 9 Milli Major and Sharky Major

The whole event is being hosted by Tim Westwood. Not sure how the battles are gonna be shown? maybe just uploaded to the website on Saturday. Oh and i heard that Big H didnt turn up. Also heard the fumin clash was madness

Hit up on Saturday the 17th

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Pro Green Doing Well

Pro Green released his single 'I Need You Tonight' on monday. The track is a dancy commercial rap tune. Its a catchy track. Anyway its number 2 in the itunes chart! Im buzzing off this cos i think its a good look for the whole scene for rappers we know and love to break thru to that commercial world. The more people who listen to pro green the more people that are likely to listen to other uk rappers.

Anyway basically lets get this to number 1. Im going to buy my copy now

Go And Buy

It came out Monday. Its got two top ten singles on it and its from a member of the grime scene. Plan B has matured and developed his sound into somehting soulful. He is getting widely recognised by the mainstream media and i think he fully deserves it. The album is based on a story of a soul singer called Strickland Banks who is wrongly sent to prison for rape. He is also making a rap version of this CD to tell the grittier side of the story of 'Strickland Banks' which he will be putting out independantly. Apprently Atlantic didnt want to back it so Plan B is doing it independantly.

Anyway go buy it.

Newham Generals EP

Newham Generals are dropping an EP with Skitz beats very soon. Apparently its gonna have bout 5 tracks. Should be big

Sway F64

Sway smashed it. Even came with an intro. Seriously Sway goes in and shows why he is one of the best.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Klash Out Today?

Apparently Klashnekoff 'Back To The Sagas' drops today. I have heard very little mention about it online. Or anywhere actually. Gonna go have a look in HMV today.

Its Footsie Again

One of my favourite MCs

Footsie - Wheres My Scrilla

Friday, 9 April 2010


This F64 is big. On a hip hop vibe. Goes in over Onyx 'Last Days'. Bars are big. Ignore the wind at the start. it goes

Double O Wooooo

D Double E goes in on the infamous Wooo Ridim. I think they are gonan do a little download thing soon with everyone who has vocalled this beat on. Ill post it if they do. This ones heavy

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Prez T

Prez T goes in well on an F64. Been a fan of Prez for a while. I think the whole Bloodline lot have got a nice vibe going on. Prez T and Big H are doing a lot for me.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New Track

Got a new track up on Soundcloud. Go Listen if ya can. It features DPF and Reds (Souldjasoulz)and its big


Supporting Newham Generals

Im buzzing cos im gonna be supporting my favourite artists of all time 'Newham Generals'. I been a fan for long and am buzzing that im getting the chance to support em. Its gonna be a massive do as well so make sure your there:

New Skepta

Produced by and featuring Agent X. This on got a dubstep/commercial vibe. its different and intresting. Skepta keeps the bars on a grime vibe and smashes it. Not overly sure bout the hook tho. It gives it that commercial edge but id prefer a little less of a gay hook. Anyway have a listen. Could be a big look for Skepta.

Out Today

Joker dropped 'Tron' today. Its availible on i-tunes for only 79p and is a banger of a track. Go cop it!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

New NDubz + Skepta

Could this be what skepta needs to get that push right into the mainstream?

Gonna Be Live


Brick Lane


Gonna Be A Do