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Thank you for taking your time out to do this exclusive interview.

You are very welcome!! xx

What’s your name and where are you from?

Miss Tofelees and I am from Leeds/Huddersfield. Currently in Leeds, back in Huddersfield in August.

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

Creating some sick tunes with some talented artists. The Life and the Music Series with Big Si and “Walk with a Homless Genius” released on DTTS soon. Check my facebook page – Miss Tofelees for tunes with Dabbla of London Zoo, Manny Moscow and Big Cakes, to name a couple.

Who is the most impressive person you have worked with either mc wise or production?

Dabbla, Big Cakes, Homeless Genius and Big Si and Belinda Hards. All very special vocalists.

What would you be if it wasn’t for music?

Probably very depressed, perhaps sectioned in a mental hospital.

Where do you want to be in five years?

Anywhere in the world so long as I am “wealthy” and have a good relationship with my child.

What do you have coming out?

Walk with a Homeless Genius by Homeless Genius released on DTTS coming very soon.

What is your o pi nion on the UK music scene?

At first I was a bit disappointed that everyone who has made it “big” seems to be rapping over dance music with quite shallow lyrics. But I have been really listening and there is a lot of diversity. Plan B raps over soul a little with an interesting concept and Tinioe Tempah uses Drum n Bass rhythms etc. I love the underground scene, there is some amazing music by some very passionate and genuine people. The underground is the blueprint for more commercial tunes I think.

Would you ever consider compromising your sound in order to make money for example working with a major label to produce a 'pop' tune?

I think there is plenty of opportunity for the most skilled producers to make a bit of dough and work on projects they more genuinely feel. I have the utmost respect for Cee Lo and was shocked to hear he produced the tune for the Pussycat Dolls “Dont cha?”.The most ideal situation is for a producer’s unique sound to become the most wanted thing in pop – the Neptunes, Alchemist, 9th Wonda, DJ Premier, Jay Dee have all done pop tunes without compromising their style. It is possible if you are a genius!!

If you could pick anyone to get on a beat of yours who would it be?

Hmmmm, someone like MF Doom because he is so unique, so creative, quite zany, very funny! Or maybe Plug One from De La Soul because he is extremely wise and intelligent and uses metaphors and symbolism well.

What type of music do you mostly listen to?

On the way to work I mostly listen to the latest free downloads from other artists usually more successful than me so I can hopefully learn something. Then at home I spend hours listening to old music looking for amazing samples.

What are your thoughts on other rappers jum pi ng on your beats without permission for things such as mixtapes or You Tube videos?

Well I do think it is quite rude, but fortunately I have never come across this situation before. I would like to think most people who have used my beats have told me, it would be good karma. I have no evidence of this ever happening fortunately.

Have you ever rapped or considered rap pi ng particularly over your own beats?

I did the odd rap a few years ago, and some poetry, but I have decided to focus on becoming a master at hiphop production. I totally love the challenge.

Do you prefer to produce tunes with samples or do you prefer to not use any?

I actually prefer samples because I love the romantic, nostalgic aspect of hiphop – it all started with two turntables and an amazing break. I love bringing that essence to my hiphop beats.

What was the last track or album you bought?

I bought five Slave albums for £18 from HMV. Bargain. Also a Roy Ayres album from Jumbo in Leeds for £12. Average price.

How do you go about starting a tune?

Listening to loads of music finding amazing samples. That’s how I start.

Rhymepad Radio

A very decent radio show:


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'Go On And Cry' Got A Mention



Franko Exclusive On Rhyme Pad Radio

Big up my Cambridge connection. Rhyme pad radio played an exclusive from the new project. The track is called 'Them There'.

Follow the link to listen:


V Festival

Here is my round up/opinion on this years V Festival:

Chase and Status smashed it. They were heavy. The mosh pits was unreal. Actual mosh pits. Everyone who attended had it. Definatly the highlight. When Plan B joined em for 'End Credits' the place went mad.

Mj Cole was class. Well enjoyed it. Had a proper rinse out. Was buzzing to see the name on the listings and definatly didnt dissapoint.

Jamie T was class.

Plan B has grown as an artist so much. He came out suited and booted and the response he got was ridiculous. Mind you his album has been in the charts for a very very long time as well as having singles tearing up the charts all year.

Madness were as good as ever. Never a dissapoinment.

Chipmunk seemed to think he was some next level rapper. Honestly seemed to think he was on par with Jay Z or somehting. Shame the crowed didnt agree. They didnt seemed too invloved with any of his set.

Tinie Tempah proved that 2 decent beats can make you a star. I aint taking anything away from him either. His set was pretty decent. I was buzzing he played 'Tears' as well. He flopped by doing a Ga Ga cover but then obviously 'pass out' smashed it to pieces.

Example is another who has proved that he has left the rap scene behind but made a good name for himself in the process. He is the front man for this whole electric club rap thing and it seemed like he found his niche. The crowed enjoyed it and he did too.

Pro Green seemed to entertain the masses as well. He held it down well.

That was about it for 2010. A very good year though. Enjoyed it.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

New Track Featured On Blatently Blunt

My new tune 'Go On And Cry' has been featured on the blog 'Blatenly Blunt'. For those not in the know 'Blatently Blunt' is a decent blog for grime/rap content. Floow the link below to have a look:


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Get The EP Free!!!!

3 Free Copies!!

As a build up to the new release im giving away 3 free copies of the EP i got out with Lyrical T called 'Something In The Making'

first 3 people to email me there address get it free!

email - frankofraize@hotmail.co.uk

New Tune

I have put up a new tune and its also up for free download. Please go have a listen and download it and send to everyone you know:


New release coming real soon!

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Late Interview

Interview with Midlands Legend LATE from the Wolftown collective:

What’s your name and where you from?

They call me LATE I am from Wolverhampton AKA Wolftown

I know you have been involved with bare mixtapes such as the Wolftown ones but please state some of the releases have you had out to date?

Villains – Welcome To Wolftown,
Wolftown Committee – Legendary Status,
LATE – International Rhyme Spittin,
LATE – The Villainous One, (underground release)
LATE – An English Man In New York, (underground release)
LATE – 2 Thousand & LATE, (underground release)
LATE – Below Street Level,
LATE – UK Rapscallion,
LATE – From The Vaults. (Digital Release)
Plus countless mixtapes and compilations that myself and Tricksta have put together.

What’s your favourite part of being a rapper/MC?

The creative side of things, making a project come together from nothing.

What do you think you bring to the table as an MC?

I rap mostly about my own life and my surroundings. I don’t rap about what’s in fashion at that moment and just string a load of fancy words together from a rhyming dictionary. I just do me, so if you like music by a real person check me out.

If you was not involved in music what do you think you would be doing?

Probably something to do with art or the creative industry or an independent trader like a young Del Boy lol!

Let’s talk about your current project. When’s it out? Can you tell who is involved?

I’ve just released 2 projects “UK Rapscallion” which is a 12 track album available on CD and MP3 it features Genesis Elijah, Manny Moscow, Tuberculosis, Iron Bryadz, Supar Novar, Streetz, Reload, K9, Tuberculosis, Cyclonious, Blazin, Hicks, Sketchman, Serocee, Creamo and Jai Boo. I have also just released a MP3 digital album called “From The Vaults” which is a collection of underground unreleased tracks and collaborations that we’ve had sitting in the vaults for the last few years.

So what type of music do you listen to mostly?

I mostly listen to independent Hip Hop from the UK, West Coast, East Coast, Down South, Midwest I like all styles from Conscious Hip Hop to Hard Core Reality Rap, G-Funk; to old skool Miami Bass I like all styles. I just like independent music because it’s usually more from the heart and not just being made to sell units.

Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?

Hopefully still doing what I am doing only being more successful. Some people think you should stop rapping at a certain age but that depends on what audience you’re aiming your music at, look at artists like KRS One & Ice T they are still making banging music.

What have you been most proud of in your career so far?

Getting to work with artists I grew up listening to like Willie D from the Geto Boys and the Houston legend K-Rino to name a few. And to be still putting out music 11 years on when a lot of people didn’t take us that serious and we’re still here!

If you could pick one producer to work with in the world who would it be and why?

Mike Dean the producer from Rap A Lot records he produced most of their material artists like Scarface and Geto Boys I just like his style of production.

What’s your opinion on the current state of the charts?

I don’t listen to any of that or get involved in it.

How do you view Hip-Hop right about now?

I think real Hip Hop has peaked and is going back underground real hip hop is still out there. All the artists that are still signed or that are getting signed are having to compromise their music to gain a more mainstream audience. That’s just my opinion…

Would you like to see yourself in the top ten?

It doesn’t interest me, if I had a song that sold a lot of units and it made it into the charts I would welcome the sales and the exposure but it’s not the reason I make music.

What is your opinion on the current UK music scene?

It’s still developing I like what’s going on the independent side of things.

What’s next for you as an artist?

I’ve got an EP coming out, and then I’m working on my next full length album.

Before you go please tell us how we can get your music and how people can get in touch with you.


Big Si Interview


Bless for taking time out for the interview. Please state your name and where you from?

My Names Big Si, I'm from a town called Abergele in North Wales.

What releases have you had out to date?

I class my official release as "Life & Music eps 1 & 2" before that i dropped a few mixtapes locally. Jackin for beats was my first back in 2005, i look at that as a learning curve when i listen to it now i sound like a completly different rapper. My next was called "my introduction" thats the one that caught peoples attention.

What’s your favourite part of being a rapper/MC?

I just love being creative and making something from nothing. To me theres no feeling in the world like hearing my words come to life. I get a sence of fulfilment from it that i can't get with a 9 to 5 job.

What do you think you bring to the table as an MC?

As an MC i think i bring originality to the table, i stay in my lane. I'm not trynna switch up and do a dance record one minute then a grime the next. I'm 100% hiphop. I feel like i'm representing from all the people from towns who are frustrated with the industry the way it is. I'm straight down the middle i tell it like it is.

If you was not involved in music what do you think you would be doing?

God only knows, more then likely i would of lost my mind by now.

Let’s talk about your current project. When’s it out? Can you tell who is involved?

The project's called "Life and Music 2" it's produced by Miss Tofelee's.It's avalible now as a free download http://www.zshare.net/download/771654.... It features Former Deathrow records artist Slip Capone and Belinda Hards from the group kneu jeruslum. It's a future undergroud classic trust me download it.

So what type of music do you listen to mostly?

I mostly listen to Rap but i do like some r&b

Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?

Hopefully still breathing sat in a studio getting paid for rapping. Also i like to be developing new artists.

What have you been most proud of in your career so far?

There's been a few. I did a drop with Dj Bobcat a few years back for the core DJ's in the usa. Getting my song "Real Talk" featured on BBC 1XTRA home grown talent with Ras Kwame and an interview and freestyle i did for a dvd thats coming out called "Road to the Riches"

If you could pick one producer to work with in the world who would it be and why?

There's so many i can't narrow it down to one but i would love to work with DJ Quik. The guys so underrated but so talented. Listed to any of his albums you can tell alot of thought and hours have gone into creating them beats.

What’s your opinion on the current state of the charts?

it's saturated with bullshit. To be honest i don't really follow it.

How do you view Hip-Hop right about now?

I think there's been some great albums surface this year. I really liked the Nas and Damien Marley album. Eminems recovery was really good to. For the uk Giggz definatly held it down. There's a rapper from the south in the usa called Alex King. His albums one of the best I've heard in years. It came out last summer and i'm still playin it.

Would you like to see yourself in the top ten?

Of course thats were the money is. You hear rappers say all the time "'ll never go commercial" but what difference does it make. It just means you more popular.

What is your opinion on the current UK music scene?

I like all the underground stuff i'm hearing. But let's be real. The radio say they support UK music. what they really should say is they support "London music" every rapper who breaks through is from that way. I'm not hating it's just a fact.
The uk's made up of a lot of towns and citys. Birmingham, manchester, wales, scotland ireland the list goes on. But you never hear artists from them places get played on a regular basis and to me i think thats bullshit. labels and radio are either black ballin us or they just to lazy to get off there arse's and look else where.

What’s next for you as an artist?

I'm peforming at the oxjam festival in chester on the 2nd of october. I've got a mixtape that should be dropping at the end of the year called "Breaking Point" and possible another ep september/october time.

Before you go please tell us how we can get your music and how people can get in touch with you.


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