Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Chronicle - This Kid Is Too Much

In terms of hip hop in the UK there aint a great deal that excites me these days, particulaly with new artists. This kid has changed all that tho. to be fair he came onto my radar about a year and a bit back when he featured on a CD made by a producer called 'Forbidden tounges'. The CD got reviewed in HHC Magazine (RIP) and Chronicle got much deserved rave reviews. Have a listen to him. He has got an immense flow and bars. Definatly rating him loads.

If you like what you hear then keep an eye out on the 'Dont flop' battles cos he features on them and also he has a mixtape floating about. ill see if i cna get links and stuff

Crissy Criss ft Fumin - Man Down

You know what.....Fumin is probably one of my top 5 mcs out there at the minute. I dont give a f**k what anyone else thinks. He has got bars! this tune proves it. big big tune. I might even compile a list of my top 5 Mcs. Im sure it will cause a bit of debate. Anyway this is big. Enjoy it

Lush Remix

With Jay Sean doing so well in America and that single 'Down' with Lil Wayne soon to be relesaed over here i thought it would be a good idea to post this up. Its a remix of that tune 'Lush' that Jay did with Skepta. hopefully the Uk will jump on the Jay Sean bandwaggon and start supporting this too. Big remix

New Big H

New Big H Tune feat Prez T and JME called 'Real On road'. I think big H is heavy. he has his own individual style and a real big sound. The same as Prez T. Well individual and heavy.


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Massive Stink Like Sock

Stink Like Sock is a night in Cambridge dedicated to dubstep. the next lineup looks proper big. Massive shout to T!

Stink Like Sock- 7th November - Cambridge


Im definatly there. Anyone want a lift then Brrrrrring ME!!!

New Tune On Youtube

I have uploaded 'MCs Dont Know' taken from the EP 'Something In The Making' by Lyrical T and Myself.

Remember to cop the EP if you havent already from: (it will be posted the same day)


Some Roots And Culture Pics From Goodz/Taskforce Show

Massive shout to Johnny Watton. Some big pics from the last Roots And Culture night. For all the pics please follow this link:

Johnny Watton Pictures

Click on images then scroll to 'Roots And Culture Sept'.

Free Giggs & Tiny Boost Mixtape

Download the mixtape for free here:


Monday, 28 September 2009

UK RnB - McLean

I know i dont ever post about RnB or even really listen to it but i feel this tune has got a lot of potential and its from a British artist. To be honest i have never heard of him or come into contact with his name anywhere. His name is Mclean and the tack is called 'Broken' With Jsy Sean taking over American charts at the minute maybe UK RnB is gaining a bit of status?

Anyway i think this tune will do a lot of damage to the UK chart

Taskforce/Durrty Goodz Show Images

Images are on this link:


click imgaes then scroll to roots and culture september


Dizzee #3 In Album Chart

Unfortunatly Dizzee never made it to number 1. This means Tinchy Stryder is still has highest charting album from a UK rapper. Still number 3 is a massive look for Dizzie, its just out of all his releases this is the one that seemed most likely to hit the top spot.

Now that the week is out and the chart position is final im posting my thoughts on the CD. this is incase i put anyone off from copping the CD (not that it will but still).

The CD contains the tunes you know that he brought out as singles (Holiday, Bonkers, Dance With Me) which give a rough vibe to the whole feel of the album. it is mainly all on a commercial dancy type vibe.

Dont get me wrong i think the singles that dropped were bangers as far as radio tunes go but i would like a few more gritty underground tunes on here. tunes like 'grafting' and 'i love you' that were still massive singles.

I got a feeling that 'Dirtee Cash' will be the next single. apparently its been getting a lot of downloads on i-tunes. also he played it at V and the crowed loved it. the tune has a 90's sounding sample on it (forgive me if i should recognise the sample). again this tune is on a dancey club vibe.

Easily the best track on the CD is 'Cant Tek No More' produced by shy fx. this tune has got a dubstep/drum and bass feel and dizzee comes real concious on the bars. he spits some proper subjest meaning and its a lot. the hook works well too. big tune but what more can u expect with a collaboration like this.

'Chilling With The Mandem' is a nice tune too. its got a real floaty hip hop beat. proper chilled out one. dizzee spits some nice relevant bars bout cotchin with ya pals.

Also 'bad behaviour' produced by Tiesto is a big sounding tune. its on a similar vibe to 'bonkers'.

On the whole the CD has bangers but its not the type of CD i really wanted from Dizzee. Id rather he went darker. Cant fault him tho, he has made a mainstream album that bangs!

Cop It and see if we can get him to number 1

QPR 5 Barnsley 2

Had to post this cos it was a real good look for us. Scoring 5 in one game gives us the confidence we need. Scoring a lot of goals has always been our downfall so hopefully now were getting over that little problem.

Big game Wednesday.


Friday, 25 September 2009

A Good Read Posted By Joseph Patterson

This is a good read. Posted on JPs Blog ( and featured in NME.


Jammer Signs To Big Dada

Jammer has signed a three album deal with Big Dada Records, an imprint of ninja tune, responsible for roots Manuva, the Bug and Wileys 'playtime Is Over'.

Big Dada said:

"Jammer nearly signed with Big Dada two years ago (and actually played at our 10th Anniversary party), so everyone here is very pleased to have finally persuaded him! After a series of acclaimed mixtapes, Jammer's first full-length album is scheduled for May 2010. First single, 'Party Animal', will be released later this year."

This could be a massive look for him

Thursday, 24 September 2009

REAL Hip Hop

Two of the most concious rappers i have heard have combined on a massive track. 'Voice Of The Voiceless' is a massive track which sees UKs Lowkey and USAs Immortal Technique. Again its good to see USA and UK link up on a track especially one with a real message and meaning. This tune is massive.


Jay Sean Taking Over America?

I was shocked when i found out that Jay Sean had been signed by Cash Money Records (home to Lil Wayne). Mainly because i never really felt that Jay Sean had loads to offer (no offence). I thought he was good at what he does but to be picked up by Cash Money i thought you would have to be something proper special. Anyway i was pleased he got ssigned by them because again this brings UK music to the attention of America and also with current collaborations with artists like Boy Better Know and Skepta Jay seems to be keen to push the UK scene.

I found out today that Jay Sean feat Lil Wayne 'Down' is currently at number 2 in the American Billboard Chart. Jay is smashing it. All the best to him and with USA/UK collaborations like this doing well its a massive look for us in the UK.

Also i read in The Sun the other day that Lil Wayne has invited Tinchy Stryder on his American tour as his support act. Apparently they are all buzing over him over there. Again this is a massive look!

Big shout to Tinchy and Jay Sean. Your smashing it!

New Tinchy Video

This is the new video for Tinchy Stryders new song 'Your not Alone'. The track samples the classic 90's dance tune that goes 'your not alone'. I cant remember the name off the top of my head. Anyway for some reacon he has disabled the embedded link which means you cant post it on your blog/site. dunno why tho. Anyway here is the link:



Wednesday, 23 September 2009

New OT Track

Big track from OT crew. Liking this crew a lot. Doing big things. I got a lot of time for this tune.

Kano - Shame On You

I think i speak for the majority of people when i say 'Kano...What are you doing??'. I think this would have been a little bit more acceptable if this came out in janurary of this year. Even then id have an issue with it but i feel he is trying to get on a bandwaggon that drove past a long time ago. I aint feelin this at all. Mainly for the auto tune and also the fact its waste. At least when Dizzee makes a dance tune that has commercial appeal he still seems to manage to make a banger. Even holiday with the techno dance club vibe bangs for me. That second drop as well eh IC.

Anyway im not overly dissapointed cos i lost interest in Kane after Signs in Life. No offence just was never a major fan.

Jabba Tha Kutt Radio Show

Big Show. An hour of some big hip hop. Follow the link to hear it. Massive shout to Mr Kutt.


Chelsea V QPR Tonight

QPR play Chelsea tonight at Stamford Bridge in the Carling Cup. Its gonna be a big game. I got faith in my team so an upset could be coming for Chelsea.

Only time will tell.

U R's

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Unemployment Is High

We are currently in a financial crisis where money is scarce and unemployment is high, yet Tesco still manage to take people off tills and replace them with computers (self service tills) therefore increasing the number of unemployed and taking away the number of jobs available.


New N-Dubz

I know a lot of people consider N Dubz to be pop music and probably wonder why i post things about them. Basically my opinion is that they came from the grime scene. They was on channel U a long time ago and personally its been a blessing to see such a success story come from the scene. Anyway this is the new single from them called 'I Need You'. Big budget video which even had Dappy flying a helicopter on his own (apparently). Lets hope this one does big things for them.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Out Today

Could this be the first number 1 album from a UK Rapper? I believe so. However for the first time ever im undecided weather or not to buy a Dizzee album. To be fair i will cop it and if its too dancy ill pass it on to my mrs. Im sure ill appreciate the CD i just cant see as it will be a Dizzee album that i will feel to play a lot.

We will see.

Regardless go cop it and get him to number 1. Support the movement!

Buy This

I aint had time to write a review for it but buy this miixtape. The new offering from P Money. its a banger. Definatly one of the strongest releases of 2009. Bars and beats are big. Buy it cos its heavy especially the grime fans.

The Goodz Show

Wanna say a massive massive thankyou to everyone who came thru to the durrty goodz and taskforce show at po na na. it was a massive night. got a real good response fromt he crowed. it was all love really. just want to let people know that i really really appreciate the support. It was a massive night. videos and Photos soon come

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Tonight - Not To Be Missed



Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Grime Goes International

Found this. Its a bit mad. Its Grime MCs from Holland apparently dissing Tempa T. Dunno what they are saying tho but its intresting to see foreigners doing a style we invented. Also listen to the beat. Not bar to be fair. Weird how they promote tempa in the information bit on the side too. Anyway enjoy. (All translations welcome)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Jay Z - Freemason??

I watched this documentary today and i really dont know what to make of it. It madness. Seems like a lot of coincidence that might be too coincidental to be a coincidence. Make up your own minds. im still not sure what to think.

RIP Darren John Sutherland (18 April 1982 – 14 September 2009)

A Massive loss to the boxing world. He won the bronze medal at middleweight in the 2008 olympic games. A real prospect and an all round nice guy.

Updates and Thursday

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I been real busy lately with music. Got a lot of things coming like Trackz Mixtape (should drop monday for download), been busy sorting out my next project, been making some connects and most of all got a massive show thursday. The Goodz/Taskforce show is gonna be overly heavy and also we shotting the EP there at a special price of only £3. Get there!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Big Tune

The Cut And Paste Show

Remember to tune in to this from 1-3 today. Based in Leeds and playing a lot of bangers. They play mostly Dubstep mixed with some grime. Tune in


Thursday, 10 September 2009

Dubstep Week On 1xtra

im a bit late on this but all week is dubstep week on the Mistajam show on 1xtra. follow the link for a good mix from Rusko and more stuff there too.


Hopefully it might lead to 1xtra getting a dubstep show. Personally i think they should have a 2 hour show dedicated to Dubstep/Grime. It would be immense.

Going To See RZA In Oxford

Shout to Nicodemus,

10th October im going to see the man that is RZA play Oxford O2 academy. Gonna be a massive night! apparently he is performing with system Of a downs Bassist, rapper Kinetic 9 and Frukwan from Gravediggaz.

Here is the full dates:

Liverpool 02 Academy (September 29)
London Matter (October 3)
York Duchess (5)
Birmingham Rainbow Warehouse (6)
Leeds Stylus (7)
Dublin Button Factory (8)
Bristol 02 Academy (9)
Oxford 02 Academy (10)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Really Feeling This Tune

Starkey - Gutter Music VIP

War Child Charity Record

The Young Soul Rebels are:
Pixie Lott
Tinchy Stryder
V.V. Brown
Kid British
Domino Go
London Community Gospel Choir

This is the official video. Its good to see so many UK rap artists on a charity track being backed by The Sun, even if its only 4 bars each. This track has got a lot of potential. Could be a real big look for the UK. Number 1??

Rap Wins The Mercury

sppech Debelle from south london won this years mercury music prise. She is a female rapper and her album 'Speech therapy' has sold only 3000 copies making it the lowest selling album to ever win. Another triumph for UK Rap music.

this is her in action

Well done Speech Debelle

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

New Scorcher Hood Video

Scorcher has been big on producing videos lately. He done that wiley tune 'She Likes to' as well as a load of others i cant remember right now. anyway this is his newest one and he done it for his own tune 'Gangsta'. Scrocher going back to them hard bars as well on this track.

Devlin - New Video

This is the official video for Devlin - Community Outcast. If you know about Devlint hen you should know this tune already. Aint a new en but its been re-recorded with a few new bars added. Official video looks big too. Looks like Devlin has realised the impact he can make after releasing 'London City'. devlin been one of the best in Grime for a long time so good to see him doing big things. 'Bud Sweat and Beers' should be dropping soon. Ill post a date when i get one. As for now enjoy this:

Dont Forget



Thursday, 3 September 2009

Rapsploitaion Show

Massive shout to Joey Dazzler. Filmed this one on the sly when we played Rapsploitation Session in Ipswich.

Free Hip Hop Mixtape

Big up TSK for this one. He has compiled a nice little mixtape featuring a few artists like Wretch, Myself, John phonics, Wordsmith and more. The Cd is a good listen and its free so go download it and support UK music.


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Carling Cup 3rd Round - QPR v Chelsea

The draw has been done. We got our biggest West London rivals Chelsea. Gonna be a massive game. We lost to Chelsea in the FA cup last year to a Lee Camp own goal. Lets hope this year is a better one.

Remember to sing loud and proud "And We Hate Chelsea And We Hate Chelsea..."

Here is the full 3rd round Draw:

Arsenal v West Brom
Chelsea v QPR
Bolton v West Ham
Barnsley v Burnley
Hull v Everton
Leeds v Liverpool
Manchester United v Wolves
Manchester City v Fulham
Sunderland v Birmingham
Peterborough v Newcastle
Carlisle v Portsmouth
Nottingham Forest v Blackburn
Stoke v Blackpool
Scunthorpe v Port Vale
Preston v Tottenham
Aston Villa v Cardiff

Bootlegged Star In The Hood

I went to Great Yarmouth on the bank holiday weekend and found this being sold in a shop there.

Not only was it being sold but i saw about 4 people in the street wearing a bootleg 'Star In The Hood' T shirt. the shop also sold fake hoodies.

This shows you the power of Tinchys enterprise. From being independant and pressing up his own tshirts he has built a trademark worthy of being bootlegged and sold in Great Yarmouth. I wonder if 'Boy Better Know' will be next?

Im Playing Hitchin Tonight

Get down to the Remix club in Hitchin tonight:

Featuring Franko Fraize, DJ IC, Chronicredeye, DPF, Richy Spitz, Si Phili. gonna be a massive night of hip hop.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Proper Banger - Rusko

Tune is called 'Sound Guy Is My Target'

Benga Show

Massive shout to DJ IC. Me and IC rolled up to the Benga show Sunday and took charge of the first 2 hours of the night. We done an hours grime mix followed by some of my tunes live and into a massive dubstep tear up. The crowed were heavy. When it got into the Dubstep the party was proper live. The grime seemed to go down fairly well too considering it dont get played out much.

Benga was heavy as well. Dropped a fair few bangers

Over all the night was massive.