Monday, 28 September 2009

Dizzee #3 In Album Chart

Unfortunatly Dizzee never made it to number 1. This means Tinchy Stryder is still has highest charting album from a UK rapper. Still number 3 is a massive look for Dizzie, its just out of all his releases this is the one that seemed most likely to hit the top spot.

Now that the week is out and the chart position is final im posting my thoughts on the CD. this is incase i put anyone off from copping the CD (not that it will but still).

The CD contains the tunes you know that he brought out as singles (Holiday, Bonkers, Dance With Me) which give a rough vibe to the whole feel of the album. it is mainly all on a commercial dancy type vibe.

Dont get me wrong i think the singles that dropped were bangers as far as radio tunes go but i would like a few more gritty underground tunes on here. tunes like 'grafting' and 'i love you' that were still massive singles.

I got a feeling that 'Dirtee Cash' will be the next single. apparently its been getting a lot of downloads on i-tunes. also he played it at V and the crowed loved it. the tune has a 90's sounding sample on it (forgive me if i should recognise the sample). again this tune is on a dancey club vibe.

Easily the best track on the CD is 'Cant Tek No More' produced by shy fx. this tune has got a dubstep/drum and bass feel and dizzee comes real concious on the bars. he spits some proper subjest meaning and its a lot. the hook works well too. big tune but what more can u expect with a collaboration like this.

'Chilling With The Mandem' is a nice tune too. its got a real floaty hip hop beat. proper chilled out one. dizzee spits some nice relevant bars bout cotchin with ya pals.

Also 'bad behaviour' produced by Tiesto is a big sounding tune. its on a similar vibe to 'bonkers'.

On the whole the CD has bangers but its not the type of CD i really wanted from Dizzee. Id rather he went darker. Cant fault him tho, he has made a mainstream album that bangs!

Cop It and see if we can get him to number 1

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