Thursday, 24 December 2009

Young Kye

Listen to young Kye kill off the dubstep beat. Liking this a lot

Tinie Tempah - Pass Out

Well feeling this tune. I think it could do a lot for Tinie. Big Big tune

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Share Some Xmas Love

Here is a new tune by me im promoting. Im letting you all hear it as an Xmas present to you. Play it for me as an Xmas present to me. Everyones happy then

Massive Remix

Loudmouth remix of Terror Danjahs Under the Spotlight. Bare MCs on this one

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Logan Sama Show Dedicated To NE

Logans show on monday was heavy as usual. The OGz were in the building and speaking about the life and times of NE (RIP). For those that dont know NE was the founding member of OGz. The Logan show showcased some of his work. Well worth a listen. They also talk about the free release of 'O Jesus its christmas' which is a free download being released on xmas day.

If you need the link to logan then fix up. Here it is anyway - search Logan in the box

Bare Grime Mixtapes For Free

Just got told about this beauty of a site. Bare promos and all free. Go get Maveric's while your there

Monday, 21 December 2009

BBK On Westwood

the set they did on Logan is well worth a listen too. Only vid i can find is a condensed edited version so im gonna wait for SBTV to upload the official video then post it. This is worth a look tho. Especially cos Skepta drops some new bars

Pigeon Face

Hyperfrank back with another big video:

Friday, 18 December 2009

Cyclonious Interview

Got an Interview with an artist you might not have heard of yet but is well worth a listen. He goes by the name of Cyclonious and is out of East London.

Supporting real Hip-Hop!

Thank you for taking your time out to do this exclusive interview.

What’s your name and where you from?

Cyclonious. I am from east London

What releases have you had out to date?

So far I have Cyclonious The Natural Disaster volumes 1,2 and 3. Rise To The Top the EP. Heroes For Hire and Poetically Scripted.

What’s your favourite part of being a rapper/MC?

Being able to relate to people through speech. Also being witty with the delivery

What do you think you bring to the table as an MC?

I bring refreshing music, lyrics, vibes, points of view and originality.

If you was not involved in music what do you think you would be doing?

Im a peoples person so I think id be working within the community with the people, like youth work or the council.

Let’s talk about your current project. When’s it out? Can you tell who is involved?

It’s called Poetically Scripted. It’s out now. People involved are Dj Ames, Opio Omega, Duby, English, Young Jason aka Benji

So what type of music do you listen to mostly?

I enjoy all kinds of music. Every type has a good cause. I more listen to Hip Hop, reggae and a little soul or rare groove

Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?

I would like to see my self still making real music and still being relevant in today’s world.

What have you been most proud of in your career so far?

My pleasure comes from being creative in making songs and seeing the response from the general public who watch and listen to all I do. Either at live shows or the messages they leave me on my websites.

If you could pick one producer to work with in the world who would it be and why?

Dam there are so many talented people out there, but if I really had to choose it would have to be the late great J.Dilla. To this day his productions and songs help me to get into a good zone where I can be focused.

What’s your opinion on the current state of the charts?

It’s in a terrible state of affairs right now. You don’t have to be talented to have a song out. You have things like auto tune that you can use on peoples vocals who cant sing to make it sound like they can.

How do you view Hip-Hop right about now?

Hip Hop right now is a joke. Hip Hop used to be for the people and by the people. Nowadays we can see the agenda has changed. Major labels only sign artist’s if they talk about money, murder and sex. Don’t get me wrong there are still many artist like my self who have a lot more to talk about. We just don’t get the same marketing and promotion.

Would you like to see yourself in the top ten?

A few years ago I would have said yes. Right now I would just like for people to have a copy of my material and to enjoy the Cyclonious movement.

What is your opinion on the current UK music scene?

The scene is very closed and egotistical from my experiences. I think its not what you know it’s who you know. There is many talented people in the UK that haven’t been discovered yet while the weak non talented artsit’s are put as the UK’s leading.

What’s next for you as an artist?

Well at the moment I have a single which will be released in Feb 2010. It is the first single from my debut album ‘The Revival’ which will also be released in 2010. I have also finished a EP with Duby called Army Of Two. I am not sure on the release date for that project. Last and no means least, Heroes For Hire 2 which also is in debate for its release.

Okay before you go please tell us how we can get your music and how people can get in touch with you.

You can get in touch with me on you can get my music on


Thursday, 17 December 2009

Another Manager

May The Force Be With You!!!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


In memory of Laura Watt who was taken from us in a car accident Dec09. My thoughts are with Gav and the family. Please turn out and support. all funds donated to the family of Laura.

Acts on the night are Skitz, DJ Orien, Deadly hunta, Chronicredeye and DJ Scotty

Should be a big night

Rinse Fm Petition

Please sign the petition to get the biggest station in the UK on the FM dial


Scorcher Paper View

Scorcher is doing a lot. I still aitn copped Concrete jungle but i will soon. Lipsing ting was a Par. He Came back strong with gangsters, then dark knight then this pops up. Personaly im liking this tune a lot. the beat is big

Giggs Feat Shola Ama

Could this be Gigs big radio hit? Also what ever happened to Slow songs feat Mike Skinner?

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Scorzayzee On Mistajam Show


Evil B AKA Blive - Modern Warfare

Evil B is one of my favourite DnB Mcs. To be honest lately i have heard so many people singing his praises. Anyway here he is on a grime beat produced by Silencer. Im feeling this tune. definatly got in my head

More Wiley Beef?

Dunno if this is gonna be another episode of beef with Wiley but there has been some dispute between Big H and Wiley. Basically Big H took the piss out of manga one time on a video, wiley then replied saying that he was proud of Manga for speaking back and said Big H should stop talking.

Anyway here is a brief reply to wiley. He also says bout Jan 1st. Dunno if it means anything. Basically i felt like blogging something so i put this up in case a saga occurs. Personally i think its something over nothing

Rage Is Winning

Apparently rage is winning:


Go Buy These Now!


First of all there is a widespread internet campaign to get Rage Against the Machine - Killing in The Name Of to number 1 for xmas. this is a protest vote against xfactor releasing the winners single in time for xmas number one every year. There used to be a big race and competition to see who would get number one however xfactor have ruined all this. anyway to cut a long story short buy Rage out of protest and lets see it get number 1.

The other to buy is Boy Better Know - Going In. This tune is heavy. Its a grime tune with commercial appeal. I definatly want to see this do well. It would be a massive look for the scene and be good to hear JME, Skepta, Frisco, Jammer on radio 1 on a regular basis. This is how the doors open. Support the singles.

Friday, 11 December 2009

On The Radar 5 Review

Nice review form Style43. Shame me, Ic and Lyrical never got a mention.


Scorzayzee Interview

A real big and intresting interview with Scorzayzee on the Mistajam show

Well worth a listen

Skip to about 1:04

gives a good insight into Scorzayzee for those who aint heard of him.


Scorzayzee - Free Mixtape

Scorzayzee is one the of the best rappers in England. He was a big name in the UK scene thru 2002-2005 with tracks like 'Great Britain, and big performances at nights like kung fu. He went away for a bit and converted to being a Muslim (i believe). Anyway go download his new free mixtape cos its BIG. Gonna post an iterview he did as well

Get Free Mixtape Here:

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bless Beats Signs The Line

Taken from Bless Beats Twitter:

"Signed to Island, published by Sony, and run my own label called Blatant Swagger"
about 20 hours ago from web

Island signed Tinchy, Wiley and now Bless. Island definatly supporting the grime scene

Dont Flop - Truth v Scizzahs

The battle is heavy. features a mate of mine 'Truth'. Massive props to truth. Big battle.

Dont Flop UK V US

Big shout to Eurgh. The man formally known as Scudsy has done a lot. After being Pared by Jump Off TV in the finals of the 2 on 2 battle in america Eurgh didnt just sit back and complain, he got up and done somehting about it. He made his own battle league called 'Dont Flop' and its gone from strength to strength. The next event looks massive. replicating what jump off did but flipping it so the Americans come over here.

The event looks massive. If you cant make it then im sure it will be uploaded on youtube.

Also have a look at previous Dont Flop battles on youtube.

Oh and watch Eurgh representing the UK here

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The 140 Show Tonight

Myself and Dj IC return with the 140 show tonight 6-8 on http:/ Lyrical T probably be in the building too. I aint heard from him yet but i think he is reaching. There should be a little live set too. Tracklist is done and looking big.


Trim + Plastician

The tunes that plastician draws for are massive. I love sets like this. Big bars and big beats.

Massive set

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Back To The Sagas Release Date

April 12th 2010. Could be another classic. Good to see skriblah on it (one of my favourite uk rappers)

Certified banger have a good post on this. I dont want to just copy his blog so head over there for more details

BBK ON 5.19

high energy performance. Grime in the mainstream

BBC Sound 2010

Well done Giggs and Devlin. Massive look!

View Full List HERE

I Smell A Return Of Scratchy

I recently read an interview with Wiley. when asked who to watch out for he said Scratchy along with Ice Kid and a few others. It seemed a bit odd that he mentioned Scratchy as one to watch seeing as he been around for a while. He has been quiet lately but i got a feeling he gonna come with a bit of material soon. Especialy after hearing this pop up. Its good to hear Scratchy on a set. I hope he brings some fresh material for 2010.

Anyway here he is with Wiley on Rinse

Monday, 7 December 2009

New Shop Additions

New to the HOODLEM SHOP is the banging album that is Knowledge Is King by chronicredeye. the CD is heavy and features myself as well as lyrical T, Manage and more. Its worth buying just for 'One Take Burial' alone.
Go cop it now and Cop 'Something In The Making' while ya there!!!

Out Today - Go Buy It

I personally been waiting on this one for a while. this is the new single from Newham Generals called 'Hard' produced by Breakage. The tune is massive. If you like dubstep with vocals then you will love this. I really hope that a lot of people go cop this. Its a very big tune and has had radio 1 play from Zane Lowe. this it might have been his biggest record in the world or what ever it is he calls it. With MCs denting the charts lately it would be big to see this do some damage.

Its on itunes now with a remix from the mighty Caspa and the Others.


Rago Magazine Free Downloads

Rago Magazine are doing it large again. Now they are offering to be a host to all free downloads. This is a massive look and can be used as a real big outlet for artist with new music. Free downloads can be hosted here and give artists the chance to heard by other likeminded people. Basically if your reading this and your an MC/Rapper with a free download then get it on the site.




Interview - TrapSTAR

For the first of my interviews I hooked up with US Rapper TrapSTAR. He told us about his views on the UK Scene, his thoughts on success and what he brings to the table......

Supporting real Hip-Hop!


Thank you for taking your time out to do this exclusive interview.

What’s your name and where you from?

TrapSTAR & I’m from Greenville, SC

What releases have you had out to date?

So far this year I’ve dropped In Tune Wit My Star Player with DJ Dyce & DJ Cannon Banyon hosted by Charlamagne the God. It has over 5,000 downloads and still counting.

What’s your favourite part of being a rapper/MC?

My favorite part I think is the creative process. Being able to go into the studio and make hot songs. Because in the studio is just you and that mic. So its like your safe haven away from the social networking and all that.

What do you think you bring to the table as an MC?

What I bring to the game is the South Carolina untold story. It seems like everyone has a cousin, aunt or somebody they are related to in SC. But I bring some energy to the game with my versatility and ability to cover a variety of subjects based on experience.

If you was not involved in music what do you think you would be doing?

If I wasn’t in music I’d probably be deeper in the streets. Music has been a balancer in life for me. And just growing up a little bit makes me a lot more involved with my career now.

Let’s talk about your current project. When’s it out? Can you tell who is involved?

The current project is called “WORK FOR HIRE” and its with DJ Chuck T. This CD is a street album because we went with all original production. The bulk of that was handled by DJAY CAS my producer. Stupid Dope Moves is the label and we’re just going to make this big as we possibly can for the state of South Carolina.
It will be out on December 29, 2009 so stay posted on and my blog for more information. If you are a fan of hot lyrics over tight production then this is what you been waiting for.

So what type of music do you listen to mostly?

Honestly I listen to all the old classics...2Pac, Dre, Snoop, NWA, BIG, Jay, T.I., Wayne when he rappin out his mind minus all the singing.

Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?

5 years from now I honestly see myself handling the careers of other artists as well as my own because I know how difficult it is to get on. So I wanna be the guy who can help save hot talent the years of getting the runaround. I see myself as a powerful artist in the industry in 5 years as well earning the respect of those I looked up to for so many years. And the best part of it all is I’ll still be humble along the way.

What have you been most proud of in your career so far?

I’m proud of hooking up with Stupid Dope Moves and collaborating with Paul Wall on the single “SC 2 TX” which has over 18,000 downloads and has been receiving radio & club play all over South Carolina.

If you could pick one producer to work with in the world who would it be and why?

DJAY CAS, because we’ve created a sound that I think will introduce the music industry to South Carolina. No disrespect to any other producers but I’m from the streets and I learned the loyalty lesson early in life.

What’s your opinion on the current state of the charts?

At this point I think everyone is still just getting the grasp and data they need to get a understanding of the digital market. I think you’ll record a song then the label will mix it and have it available for download a day or two later that’s where I see it going. But now its very easy to put your songs in the same online marketplace as your competitors as a Indie. Thats the beauty of the new age digital game.

How do you view Hip-Hop right about now?

I still think the wrong people are in power still and thats why things have travelled downhill. Time for some new blood in the offices a lot of the top dawgs are getting old and they aren’t hip enough to think for todays market.

Would you like to see yourself in the top ten?

I’m going to see myself in the top ten because I’m going to work like I’m already there.

What is your opinion on the current UK music scene?

I like the fact that its wide open and they just don’t follow whats mainstream. Thats why I’m glad these interview opportunity’s were placed in front of me. This exposes me to the diehard fans overseas.

What’s next for you as an artist?

I think just establishing myself as someone who can come in and compete, WIN, and stay in the game for the long haul and go on to make that Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Master P money.

Okay before you go please tell us how we can get your music and how people can get in touch with you.

First off again thanks for this opportunity to do this interview. You can talk to me directly on Twitter @TrapSTAR1. You can also catch me on My Space ( My personal blog and any other needs my manager Jah for We Got This ENT GOD bless everybody...shout out to my group Dem ExtraGrind Boiz (Vino, CP, DuffleBag Bruce & Big Money)

Interviewing Artists

Yes people. I got a new little feature to the blog. Im going to be posting up some reviews ill be doing with rappers and producers. Tricksta is gonna be hooking me up with some artists (rappers and producers) to interview. These artists will be from UK and US and hopefully it will bring some new artists to light as well as find out some information on some old established names. the first one will be posted today!

Also if your an artist and fancy a little interview just drop me an email at:

Friday, 4 December 2009

Not A Good Look for Grime

Dunno what to say really. Just a dissapointment. Especially from someone with potential


Wiley Rinse Freestyle

I miss listening to Mcs going mad on sets like this. Its been a while since i last listened to one so it was refreshing to hear this one. Its also good to hear wiley going in properly on a grime set rather than keep making commericaly viable music. dont get me wrong i dont hate on wiley for going for chart success, i just am paying credit to the fact he is keeping the balance. Wiley is and always has been top 3 in my book.

Wretch 32 F64

For the past week i been seeing this video posted everywhere and not really took time for it. I dunno why to be honest. just aint really gone out my way for it. anyway after seeing it posted in so many places and seeing such big comments, and having DJ IC send me the link i felt it was time to listen. I was not dissapointed. He rides Onyx Last Days. A massive hip hop beat and a big favourite of chronicredeye.

F64 is a big new feature from SBTV that gets big mcs to go in. I been impressed with most the F64s so far. this one is up with the best

Anyway Wretch goes in properly. He has bars and not all on swaggertastic im flossing vibe. He got bare quotables on this. goes deep too.

one my favourite bars 'im the only man that ever cried with my chin up'

Dynamite Mc and DJ Primecuts

Massive shout to Certified Banger for this. Basically i have straight robbed the post off him. Its all supporting a good cause tho and helps get good music heard. Anyway here some freeness from DJ Primecuts. The mixtape is called 'WARNING' On a Dubstep/reggae Dub Vibe. Its FREE its BIG and its Dynamite. Go Cop It


Scorcher - Dark Knight

I been feeling this track for a while. Its Big. Featured on the Newest Aim high CD. this is the official video. If im honest i thought scorcher fell off a bit a few months back (with tracks like lipsing ting) but it seems he is back at it properly. Tunes like Gangster and dark knight are massive.

Schorchers mixtape Concrete Jungle is Out now. Go cop It. I recon I will this week.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

BBC Suffolk Representing

Massive Massive shout to BBC Suffolk. They are playing my track 'Much Maligned' again on radio tonight between 6 and 8.

Definatly a massive look!

BBC Suffolk Supporting Properly!

New Ghetts

Ghetts has been off my radar a bit recently. He has been on the fringe actually to be fair. He dropped 'Artillery' which personally i rate highly. Now he drops an official video for 'Skadoosh'. The tune features upcoming man of the moment 'Macksta' (watch for him in 2010) and 'Dolla the Dustman'. watch for the cameos in this Video cos there is bare. Ghetts keeps it grime on this one. The plays are mounting!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

New Track feat Lyrical T

Yes people. Here is the link to stream the new track by me and Lyrical T called ' Blood Of The Earth'. The track is produced by DJ Ic and is taken from Certified Bangers 'On The Radar Vol 5'.

Please Listen to the tune and download the mixtape

Stream 'Blood Of The Earth' - HERE

Download On The Radar Vol 5 - HERE

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Dubbledge Downloads

Shout to Tricksta. Hooked me up with some exclusives from Dubbledges new mixtape called 'One Inch Punch'. Here is a bit of press release for it:

Dubbledge is back with a new project entitled ‘One Inch Punch’. It seems like a million years ago since Dubbledge’s 2007 debut album ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’ on the well-respected Lowlife Records, but trust us its been the worth the wait. This pre-album mixtape sees Dubbledge pay homage to the golden era of rap as he takes us back to the early nineties with beats jacked from Method Man, Black Moon, Dr Dre and Snoop, Group Home, Raekwon, Jeru Da Damaja and many more.

This release shows us why Dubbledge is an artist that everyone is talking about. Lyrically he is unique as he attacks subject matters with string opinions and views, whilst always adding his own unique humor. Here we get a collection of tracks that every real Hip-Hop fan happy! Releases like this make you proud to be British!

Check out these two FREE tracks and then get your money out and buy a copy of ‘One Inch Punch’. This is one of the best and most important homegrown releases of 2009. Please don’t sleep on Dubbledge and get ready for the new album coming sooner than you think!

Dubbledge 'Juice' Feat Kyza:
Dubbledge '09 Til Infinity':

On The Radar 5 Download Now

Yes good people. 'On The Radar 5' is now availible. It features a track by me and Lyrical T called 'Blood Of The Earth'. Please go download it and send to a friend. Help support UK music


Friday, 27 November 2009 On Xbox

All my Xbox heads will probably know there is a new feature on Xbox now on Xbox live called Install it cos its like a radio station of random tunes. Anyway i searched Franko Fraize and found a couple of my tunes on there. search my name and you will find i got a 'channel' that also has Klashnekoff tunes for some reason. anyway im trying to work out how to update it with some new tunes and pictures. ill let ya know when i work it out

oh and my gamer tage is : franko fraize

Add me up if your on MOD2 or Fifa10

Certified Banger Feature

Massive shout out to Certified Banger. they supporting UK music to the fullest. Definatly a heavy heavy blog. If you dont check it everyday yet then make sure you start.

I got a little feautre on there today. Its helping promote the forthcoming Download 'On The Radar Vol 5'. On the Radar is a series that focuses on up coming talent as well as already established artists (like beat butcha). Anyway follow the link below to have a read. Ill be posting 'On The Radar Vol 5' download real soon



Norwich Tonight

Roots and culture pulled it out the bag again. Big line up for this one. Klash and Foreign Beggars. This one is at Henrys and there should be an after party as well.

tonight at Henrys 10 til silly o clock (including after party proceedure)

Pigeon Face

This is a new little video thing that hyperfrank has been doing. she is back on the blogging game and going strong ( This video features some big bars from P Money (still sending for Ghetts) and some from Little Dee. Also some random drunkness from ghetto at the end.

Dogzilla - Yesterday

Dogz goes deep on this one. Very nice tune. Prodcued by Kraze (same producer as London town). Big tune. Allow the DJ talking through some of it tho

Big up Dogz. I think he got a release scheduled for 2010. Devlin drops his album in 2010 as well. Should be a good year for good music

Cop On 7th December

Probably my favourite track of the year. Breakage production and Newham Generals on the bars. this is definatly a massive massive track. Go out and legally buy it for about 79p and support good 'HARD' music. Released officially on 07/12/2009

Thursday, 26 November 2009

If Your In Cambridge Tonight....

Massive Show:

Innovation in The dam 2009

Big up all the innovation crew. This year me and DJ IC (as well as a few others) went over to the Dam for this years Innovation. for those who dont know Innovation is a big Drum and Bass/ Dubstep rave.

I had a proper good time out there. Shout out to anyone that i met at the rave (including Dizzee Rascal).

Anyway here is my breakdown of it all. Im gonna do it in PLUS's and PARs


Club 1
The Neckle (Dank, Po, etc)
Chefs Set
Hatchas Set
Dizzee floating around on a casual one
Harry Shotta
Andy C
Evil B
Grey Haze (the lemon)
The Dolphin cafe (what a cotch)


Club 2
the fact the system was far too quiet in Club 1
The poor soundsytem for the dubstep room in club 2
The smoking room in club 2 (no ventalation)
Drink tokens In Club 2
Drink Prices in club 2
CLUB 2 (again)

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Dont forget to tune into the 140 show tonight. We came back two weeks ago with the
1st 140 show in ages. We got a new home on double trouble radio. It went off with a bang. Proper good show and good listening numbers. The chat room was going mad and we got a good response. I have lined up a massive tracklist for tonights show so if you like dark grime/ dubstep then tune in.


or go to










Thursday, 5 November 2009

DJ IC New Release

Big up DJ IC. Hes got a banging new release on Rafale Recordings. The track is called Jacks Judgement and the tune is a banger. If ya like drum and bass and even dubstep then cop it from the link below:


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The 140 Show Return

The radio show fronted by myself and DJ IC is set for a return. 'The 140 Show' started out early this year and got a good number of listeners. its set to return and should be hosted by Double Trouble Radio. Ill put mroe details up soon


A little insight into Sway and Sways goings on

New Ghetts

Sounds like he got a lot of big things on the horizon. Calm Before The Storm Mixtape drops soon.

Official New Boy Better Know

Featuring The whole camp

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Wiley Has Signed To Island Records

Home to The Killers, Tinchy, Mariah Carey (to name a few) Wiley is the latest man to sign with ISLAND records. Wiley is no stranger to signing to majors. Lets just hope that this aint a repeat of Big Dada, XL and all the other labels that tried with him. The first single to be released is 'Take That' and i think he got a 4 album deal (dont quote me on that tho).

Monday, 26 October 2009

Flying High

Currently 6th with a game in hand and a run of 17 goals in 4 games. As a QPR fan im buzzing

Finally A Reason For My PSP (Besides Pro)

Copping this today. Looks big!

New Boy Better Know

Friday, 23 October 2009

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Eurgh Represents

Massive shouts to Eurgh. A massive battle rapper from Norwich. He has been out to America before as part of the Jump Off tag team battles. A little bit of drama went down there (notice Reverse bars). In this battle he goes out to california and battles a man called Reverse.

If this is your cup of tea then check out 'Dont Flop' events. Its a british battle event hosten and run by Eurgh.

Andy C - DJ Perfection

The Legend that is Andy c has been playing DJ Perfections tunes out. That is a massive look. If your from the Norwich area you will know about DJ Perfection. Massive shout to him! Keep it up bruva

New TBone Tune

New tune from Thetford's TBone. the tune is called 'Wanna Go' and has had some radio play on BBC Radio Norfolk. Its on a club type vibe and im loving it. Id bubble to this all day!

Friday, 16 October 2009

This Looks Amazing

Modern Warfare 2


A Day With Ghetto

Worth watching if you got time

Big up Grime Daily

Thursday, 15 October 2009

New Tune Gets Radio Airplay

A new tune by myself and produced by DJ IC called 'Much Maligned' is to be played tonight on BBC Radio Suffolk between 6 and 7






Loudmouth - Summer Breeze

A bit of homegrown hip hop today. Loudmouth is a big MC. He first came to my attention when he dropped the tune 'Name Drop' which referenced loads of british MCs from back in bout 2005. The tune ws highly rated by Rodney P and Skitz and got bare love on their show. He also signed to aftershock at one point and was on a few things by terra danja. Dunno how all that panned out in the end. Anyway this is a new tune/video from him. Its called Summer Breeze and its got a nice laid back summer hip hop feel.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Flowdan - Origional Dan Out Soon

Mixtape comes out soon. End of the month i think. Im looking forward to it. Flowdan always seems to lace big beats. Anyway this one is off the mixtape. Its called 'Vurderah'

This Is How Music Should Be Made

I think its rude kid on production. The beat is too much! Producers take note!

Scorcher comes better than he has in a very long while. Also Terminator pops up on here. he has been quiet for a while but seems to be getting a little buzz back.

big tune

Spartan Gang - Scorcher ft Terminator

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Little video and a little interview. Worth watching. The single is out on 19th October


Roll on Cambridge

Dogzilla Interview

A good interview taken from grime forum:


Klashnekoff Show Thursday

Roots and culture return with another massive show

Thursday - Po Na Na Norwich - feat Redeye + DPF. Franko + Lyrical with DJ IC and of course Klashnekoff

Streetz Incarcerated 4

Big Hooligan

Tune from Big H taken from the mixtape 'Street Crime UK' produced by Skepta. The track is called Big Hooligan

Petition To Make Rinse FM Legal

A station that gave birth to such things as Dizzee, Wiley, Tinchy as well as helping sounds such as Dubstep get heard and get big.

Rinse are currently trying to push to go legal and get on FM airwaves.

Click this link to sign the Rinse FM petition to get an FM slot now!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Chipmunk #1

Well done chipmunk. Another number 1 from a uk rapper. Big. Album comes out today. Im predicting it will do a lot

Friday, 9 October 2009

New Frisco

One of my favourite Mcs out there at the minute Frisco has dropped a new video for 'Darkside'.

Frisco is big

New Wiley

This is wileys new tune. Its on a commercial level. Produced by chu Fu. Its been getting ratings from Radio 1 and Zane Lowe had it as his 'biggest record in the world' or what ever he calls it. Anyway its a proper clubby little number. see what you think. Im undecided so far. Its got a big drop on it tho.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Evil B

Found a good article about Mc Evil B


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

New Wiley, Devlin, J2K, Shola Ama

Two of my favourite MCs going in on a girl vibe. Taken from the new aim high mixtape soon to drop.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Trackz Official Mixtape

Support Thetford talent! This kid has got skills. He is only 14 years old and already knows how to make a tune with a hook and some nice bars. Download this and send it as far and wide as you can. My favourite track is 'I got Swagger'.



New Shane Meadows Film

This features UK Rapper Scorzayzee. Looks good

RWD Mag JME Interview



Big New UK Film

This one looks heavy. the film is called 'Harry Brown. It looks like it could be the biggest British flim for a while. Features Michael Caine and Plan B. Tackles an issue that i seem to read more and more about everyday., people retaliating against violent youths

New D Double E

Here is a new thing from one of the best in the game D Double E.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Another Intresting MOBO Post

NME post on the MOBOS


Dubstep Mix Re-Post

Had a lot of people asking me to re-post this Dubstep mix. The mix is by DJ Scotty and features Me and Lyrical on vocals.


Thursday, 1 October 2009

A Real Good MOBO Post By Semtex

Semtex said a lot and said it well.....

Read the full post here:


MOBO 2009

This is my Mobos round up. Basically all the things that were worth noticing-

a big performance from tinchy (unless your epileptic)

the presenter (Kerri Hilson) winning an award, presenting the whole show, and performing on the night then having a pretty boring performance.

N-Dubz winning best album! and best UK act

Chipmunk winning best hip hop over eminem and kanye (bout time UK artists started taking awards from a UK event)

Kerri Hilson saying she didnt realise British men could turn her on (parred the majority of the audience)

the random greek conversation between dappy and peter andre

Chipmunks performance was good, apart from him bringing back the turtle neck tops lol.

Peter Andre talking to tinchy and saying 'you gone from being an underground grime artist to a proper pop star'

The dumb dancers bringing up the results (it just felt awkward)

N-dubz performance (the dancers were jokes)

Stephen K Amos not being able to find where the result was written when announcing the winner

Mr Hudson turning up to perform. Im glad he aint let working with kanye get to his head and made him think he too big for it.

The Diversity was big!

The 'young soul rebels' performance of i got soul. Surely a number 1

Overall this was a better year for the MOBOS. It seems they are realising that the UK has talent here and its a waste of time giving awards to americans who dont turn up. Maybe a best Grime act will soon come. I doubt it tho

MOBOS Last Night

Last night was the MOBOS. I didnt watch em so i cant comment. Gonna watch them soon tho. Here is a link for the full show:


Re-Post: Giggs Tony Boost Mixtape

Been asked to repost this:

Download the mixtape for free here:


Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Chronicle - This Kid Is Too Much

In terms of hip hop in the UK there aint a great deal that excites me these days, particulaly with new artists. This kid has changed all that tho. to be fair he came onto my radar about a year and a bit back when he featured on a CD made by a producer called 'Forbidden tounges'. The CD got reviewed in HHC Magazine (RIP) and Chronicle got much deserved rave reviews. Have a listen to him. He has got an immense flow and bars. Definatly rating him loads.

If you like what you hear then keep an eye out on the 'Dont flop' battles cos he features on them and also he has a mixtape floating about. ill see if i cna get links and stuff

Crissy Criss ft Fumin - Man Down

You know what.....Fumin is probably one of my top 5 mcs out there at the minute. I dont give a f**k what anyone else thinks. He has got bars! this tune proves it. big big tune. I might even compile a list of my top 5 Mcs. Im sure it will cause a bit of debate. Anyway this is big. Enjoy it

Lush Remix

With Jay Sean doing so well in America and that single 'Down' with Lil Wayne soon to be relesaed over here i thought it would be a good idea to post this up. Its a remix of that tune 'Lush' that Jay did with Skepta. hopefully the Uk will jump on the Jay Sean bandwaggon and start supporting this too. Big remix

New Big H

New Big H Tune feat Prez T and JME called 'Real On road'. I think big H is heavy. he has his own individual style and a real big sound. The same as Prez T. Well individual and heavy.


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Massive Stink Like Sock

Stink Like Sock is a night in Cambridge dedicated to dubstep. the next lineup looks proper big. Massive shout to T!

Stink Like Sock- 7th November - Cambridge


Im definatly there. Anyone want a lift then Brrrrrring ME!!!

New Tune On Youtube

I have uploaded 'MCs Dont Know' taken from the EP 'Something In The Making' by Lyrical T and Myself.

Remember to cop the EP if you havent already from: (it will be posted the same day)


Some Roots And Culture Pics From Goodz/Taskforce Show

Massive shout to Johnny Watton. Some big pics from the last Roots And Culture night. For all the pics please follow this link:

Johnny Watton Pictures

Click on images then scroll to 'Roots And Culture Sept'.

Free Giggs & Tiny Boost Mixtape

Download the mixtape for free here:


Monday, 28 September 2009

UK RnB - McLean

I know i dont ever post about RnB or even really listen to it but i feel this tune has got a lot of potential and its from a British artist. To be honest i have never heard of him or come into contact with his name anywhere. His name is Mclean and the tack is called 'Broken' With Jsy Sean taking over American charts at the minute maybe UK RnB is gaining a bit of status?

Anyway i think this tune will do a lot of damage to the UK chart

Taskforce/Durrty Goodz Show Images

Images are on this link:


click imgaes then scroll to roots and culture september


Dizzee #3 In Album Chart

Unfortunatly Dizzee never made it to number 1. This means Tinchy Stryder is still has highest charting album from a UK rapper. Still number 3 is a massive look for Dizzie, its just out of all his releases this is the one that seemed most likely to hit the top spot.

Now that the week is out and the chart position is final im posting my thoughts on the CD. this is incase i put anyone off from copping the CD (not that it will but still).

The CD contains the tunes you know that he brought out as singles (Holiday, Bonkers, Dance With Me) which give a rough vibe to the whole feel of the album. it is mainly all on a commercial dancy type vibe.

Dont get me wrong i think the singles that dropped were bangers as far as radio tunes go but i would like a few more gritty underground tunes on here. tunes like 'grafting' and 'i love you' that were still massive singles.

I got a feeling that 'Dirtee Cash' will be the next single. apparently its been getting a lot of downloads on i-tunes. also he played it at V and the crowed loved it. the tune has a 90's sounding sample on it (forgive me if i should recognise the sample). again this tune is on a dancey club vibe.

Easily the best track on the CD is 'Cant Tek No More' produced by shy fx. this tune has got a dubstep/drum and bass feel and dizzee comes real concious on the bars. he spits some proper subjest meaning and its a lot. the hook works well too. big tune but what more can u expect with a collaboration like this.

'Chilling With The Mandem' is a nice tune too. its got a real floaty hip hop beat. proper chilled out one. dizzee spits some nice relevant bars bout cotchin with ya pals.

Also 'bad behaviour' produced by Tiesto is a big sounding tune. its on a similar vibe to 'bonkers'.

On the whole the CD has bangers but its not the type of CD i really wanted from Dizzee. Id rather he went darker. Cant fault him tho, he has made a mainstream album that bangs!

Cop It and see if we can get him to number 1

QPR 5 Barnsley 2

Had to post this cos it was a real good look for us. Scoring 5 in one game gives us the confidence we need. Scoring a lot of goals has always been our downfall so hopefully now were getting over that little problem.

Big game Wednesday.


Friday, 25 September 2009

A Good Read Posted By Joseph Patterson

This is a good read. Posted on JPs Blog ( and featured in NME.


Jammer Signs To Big Dada

Jammer has signed a three album deal with Big Dada Records, an imprint of ninja tune, responsible for roots Manuva, the Bug and Wileys 'playtime Is Over'.

Big Dada said:

"Jammer nearly signed with Big Dada two years ago (and actually played at our 10th Anniversary party), so everyone here is very pleased to have finally persuaded him! After a series of acclaimed mixtapes, Jammer's first full-length album is scheduled for May 2010. First single, 'Party Animal', will be released later this year."

This could be a massive look for him

Thursday, 24 September 2009

REAL Hip Hop

Two of the most concious rappers i have heard have combined on a massive track. 'Voice Of The Voiceless' is a massive track which sees UKs Lowkey and USAs Immortal Technique. Again its good to see USA and UK link up on a track especially one with a real message and meaning. This tune is massive.


Jay Sean Taking Over America?

I was shocked when i found out that Jay Sean had been signed by Cash Money Records (home to Lil Wayne). Mainly because i never really felt that Jay Sean had loads to offer (no offence). I thought he was good at what he does but to be picked up by Cash Money i thought you would have to be something proper special. Anyway i was pleased he got ssigned by them because again this brings UK music to the attention of America and also with current collaborations with artists like Boy Better Know and Skepta Jay seems to be keen to push the UK scene.

I found out today that Jay Sean feat Lil Wayne 'Down' is currently at number 2 in the American Billboard Chart. Jay is smashing it. All the best to him and with USA/UK collaborations like this doing well its a massive look for us in the UK.

Also i read in The Sun the other day that Lil Wayne has invited Tinchy Stryder on his American tour as his support act. Apparently they are all buzing over him over there. Again this is a massive look!

Big shout to Tinchy and Jay Sean. Your smashing it!

New Tinchy Video

This is the new video for Tinchy Stryders new song 'Your not Alone'. The track samples the classic 90's dance tune that goes 'your not alone'. I cant remember the name off the top of my head. Anyway for some reacon he has disabled the embedded link which means you cant post it on your blog/site. dunno why tho. Anyway here is the link:



Wednesday, 23 September 2009

New OT Track

Big track from OT crew. Liking this crew a lot. Doing big things. I got a lot of time for this tune.

Kano - Shame On You

I think i speak for the majority of people when i say 'Kano...What are you doing??'. I think this would have been a little bit more acceptable if this came out in janurary of this year. Even then id have an issue with it but i feel he is trying to get on a bandwaggon that drove past a long time ago. I aint feelin this at all. Mainly for the auto tune and also the fact its waste. At least when Dizzee makes a dance tune that has commercial appeal he still seems to manage to make a banger. Even holiday with the techno dance club vibe bangs for me. That second drop as well eh IC.

Anyway im not overly dissapointed cos i lost interest in Kane after Signs in Life. No offence just was never a major fan.

Jabba Tha Kutt Radio Show

Big Show. An hour of some big hip hop. Follow the link to hear it. Massive shout to Mr Kutt.


Chelsea V QPR Tonight

QPR play Chelsea tonight at Stamford Bridge in the Carling Cup. Its gonna be a big game. I got faith in my team so an upset could be coming for Chelsea.

Only time will tell.

U R's

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Unemployment Is High

We are currently in a financial crisis where money is scarce and unemployment is high, yet Tesco still manage to take people off tills and replace them with computers (self service tills) therefore increasing the number of unemployed and taking away the number of jobs available.


New N-Dubz

I know a lot of people consider N Dubz to be pop music and probably wonder why i post things about them. Basically my opinion is that they came from the grime scene. They was on channel U a long time ago and personally its been a blessing to see such a success story come from the scene. Anyway this is the new single from them called 'I Need You'. Big budget video which even had Dappy flying a helicopter on his own (apparently). Lets hope this one does big things for them.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Out Today

Could this be the first number 1 album from a UK Rapper? I believe so. However for the first time ever im undecided weather or not to buy a Dizzee album. To be fair i will cop it and if its too dancy ill pass it on to my mrs. Im sure ill appreciate the CD i just cant see as it will be a Dizzee album that i will feel to play a lot.

We will see.

Regardless go cop it and get him to number 1. Support the movement!

Buy This

I aint had time to write a review for it but buy this miixtape. The new offering from P Money. its a banger. Definatly one of the strongest releases of 2009. Bars and beats are big. Buy it cos its heavy especially the grime fans.

The Goodz Show

Wanna say a massive massive thankyou to everyone who came thru to the durrty goodz and taskforce show at po na na. it was a massive night. got a real good response fromt he crowed. it was all love really. just want to let people know that i really really appreciate the support. It was a massive night. videos and Photos soon come

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Tonight - Not To Be Missed



Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Grime Goes International

Found this. Its a bit mad. Its Grime MCs from Holland apparently dissing Tempa T. Dunno what they are saying tho but its intresting to see foreigners doing a style we invented. Also listen to the beat. Not bar to be fair. Weird how they promote tempa in the information bit on the side too. Anyway enjoy. (All translations welcome)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Jay Z - Freemason??

I watched this documentary today and i really dont know what to make of it. It madness. Seems like a lot of coincidence that might be too coincidental to be a coincidence. Make up your own minds. im still not sure what to think.

RIP Darren John Sutherland (18 April 1982 – 14 September 2009)

A Massive loss to the boxing world. He won the bronze medal at middleweight in the 2008 olympic games. A real prospect and an all round nice guy.

Updates and Thursday

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I been real busy lately with music. Got a lot of things coming like Trackz Mixtape (should drop monday for download), been busy sorting out my next project, been making some connects and most of all got a massive show thursday. The Goodz/Taskforce show is gonna be overly heavy and also we shotting the EP there at a special price of only £3. Get there!