Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Go Buy These Now!


First of all there is a widespread internet campaign to get Rage Against the Machine - Killing in The Name Of to number 1 for xmas. this is a protest vote against xfactor releasing the winners single in time for xmas number one every year. There used to be a big race and competition to see who would get number one however xfactor have ruined all this. anyway to cut a long story short buy Rage out of protest and lets see it get number 1.

The other to buy is Boy Better Know - Going In. This tune is heavy. Its a grime tune with commercial appeal. I definatly want to see this do well. It would be a massive look for the scene and be good to hear JME, Skepta, Frisco, Jammer on radio 1 on a regular basis. This is how the doors open. Support the singles.

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