Friday, 4 December 2009

Wretch 32 F64

For the past week i been seeing this video posted everywhere and not really took time for it. I dunno why to be honest. just aint really gone out my way for it. anyway after seeing it posted in so many places and seeing such big comments, and having DJ IC send me the link i felt it was time to listen. I was not dissapointed. He rides Onyx Last Days. A massive hip hop beat and a big favourite of chronicredeye.

F64 is a big new feature from SBTV that gets big mcs to go in. I been impressed with most the F64s so far. this one is up with the best

Anyway Wretch goes in properly. He has bars and not all on swaggertastic im flossing vibe. He got bare quotables on this. goes deep too.

one my favourite bars 'im the only man that ever cried with my chin up'

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