Friday, 28 August 2009

The Cut And Paste Show

This is a banging show based in Leeds. Every friday 1-3. Play mostly Dubstep mixed with some grime. Tune in now


Skepta + Frisco Bars

This is really the meaning of BARS. Listen to skeptas first and second bars. Had to pull them many a time. I think skepta is easily one of the best in the UK and Frisco aitn far behind. Both come heavy. Listen then listen again and again.

Make Sure You Buy This CD


When i walk into HMV to buy a grime compilation this is exactly what it should sound like. It has a load of classics like 'Dont Phone Me' and 'Wheres My Brother' plus a load of exclusives. Its got all the current relevent grime artists (apart from me) on it. There is not one track that requires a skip and not one track that is boring. This CD is alot. Definatly the biggest grime release of the year so far. It just knocks Wiley 'Race Against Time' into second place.

Buy it. You wont be diassapointed

Free Download - Franko Fraize Rider

Free MP3 download of the 'Rider' Dub i made. Feel free to download and send it to everyone you know:


Thursday, 27 August 2009

New Kano

Kanos new track 'Rock N Roller'. Im not sure what I make of this. Its that catchy chart sort of tune. Not feeling the Vocoda (auto tune) on it. Kane loves a sing nowdays. To be honest i aint really ever been a massive Kano fan. I loved Ps and qs when it came out and i bought all his CDs but he has never been in my 'Top 5'.

New single 'Rock n roller' drops in October

MOBO Nominees

Found on the net a list for 'Best Uk' nominees at this years MOBOs. The list is:

Alesha Dixon
Beverly Knight
Dizzee Rascal
Mr Hudson
N Dubz
Tinchy Stryder

Seems like a lot of the list is just dumb. Alesha Dixon has done hardly anything with music this year. Mr Hudson has just got on with Kanye and only just released a tune after being off the map for a while. Beverly Knight?? Think i just woke up in 2002.

To be honest its surely got to go to Dizzee Or Tinchy for the fact they got the number ones and opened the door to the commercial world.

Other Awards:

'Beat Again' – JLS
'Diamond Rings' - Chipmunk ft. Emeli Sande
'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' - K.I.G. Family
'Number One' - Tinchy Stryder and N-Dubz
'Strong Again' - N-Dubz

'808s and Heartbreaks' - Kanye West
'Catch 22' - Tinchy Stryder
'Catch Me If You Can' – Bashy
'I Am? Sasha Fierce' - Beyonce
'Uncle B' - N-Dubz

Probably the most UK artists that i can remember at the mobos particulaly the most uk rap.

Check this little ITN report on it.

New Chipmunk

Not really sure what i make of Chipmunk. When he first came about i was loving him. Back when he was 'the grime scene saviour'. Unfortunatly i aint seen much of that for a while. Mind you 'who are you' and 'the beast' were massive tracks. Here is his new video for a tune called Oopsy Daisy. Its a weird one. Bit of an RnB/Rap tune. I can imagine it tearing up the radio and chipmunk seems to have quite a following so this could do well for him.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wu Are Back

Another New wu tune presumably taken from the highly anticipated Raekwon album only built for cuban links 2. The video is peak and the tune is too. Proper big. Im buzzing that Wu are back so strong.

Cuban Links drops September 8th 2009

No More Bizzle On Logan

Dont expect to hear anymore of Bizzle's music on the Logan sama show. On the diss track to jammer (see below) bizzle calls Logan a 'pussyhole' and states 'Tim Westwood is the main Grime DJ anyway' (3.47). Apparently its all down to Bizzle thinking logan dont support. he aint gonna be supporting at all no more.

Seems like Bizzle has officially Parred himself

Dizzee On Course

Dizzee is on course for a 3rd number one with 'Holiday'. After seeing the reaction at V im not suprised. This will be his third number one following up 'Dance with me' and 'Bonkers'. All three of these are to be featured on his new album 'Tongue 'N' Cheek' which could be on course for a high chart position.

I still aint seen an official video for this track yet tho. Maybe cos i aint got sky cos it seems to be removed from youtube.

Keep buying it cos we are making UK rap bigger than its ever been

End Of Westwood Sunday Show

The Westwood Sunday show officially ends in October. 1xtra is having a re-schedule of the current lineup. It means the Westwood sunday rap show on 1xtra will be gone. Westwood is joining the drive time show 4-7 Monday to Friday. This is a similar situation to when Rodney P and Skitz got axed. Also when Excalibahs show died a death.

Im well dissapointed cos its one of the only shows i listen to every single week. Westwood has banter and the artists that featured on there seemed to have a real good vibe with him.

It was good to see the biggest DJ in the UK dedicating a whole show to strictly grime music. The freestyles and interviews were a lot. True say the caliber of people appearing on the show started to decrease. Thats minor tho. At least he was giving new artists a platform to get out there. Westwood recons he is going to keep up with the legendary 'Crib sessions' where he gets a load of mcs to perform at his house.

Who knows what we will be left with. I wonder if 1xtra will get another grime only show seeing as its the biggest station for black music and grime is one of the biggest styles of music in the UK.

Tim, you done us proud. At least we will always have Logan

Massive Show In September

This one will be huge. Buzzing that im on the same bill as Goodz. definatly been a massive inspiration for ages. Taskforce as well. Im there performing with Lyrical T, DJ I.C and Redeye. Gonna be shotting the EP there too so come down and cop it!

Yet Another CD To Purchase This month

Just found this online. No Hats No Hoods Vol 1 by DJ Magic and features tracks from Frisco, Roll Deep, Chipmunk, C. Gritz, Flowdan, P Money, Skepta, Wiley, Trim, Wariko, Kano, Durrty Goodz and more.

Its availible from as well as

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Charity record featuring N-Dubz, Chipmunk, Pixie Lott, Tinchy, and more.

Ray Jones Tribute

I found this today. A fitting tribute to Ray Jones. Ray Jones was a QPR player and was a real big prospect. Unfortunatly Ray Jones died in a car crash with two others on 25th August 2007.

Tinchy Number 2

He done well. Better than any other UK rapper has ever done. Im a bit gutted he didnt make number 1 cos i know he had it in him. Shame calvin Harris dropped the same week. Anyway he still has the highest album position for a UK rapper. Massive massive shout to Tinchy

V Festival Was Dizzees

V Festival was big. it was definatly dizzees. everywhere i went i seemed to hear people talking about how big dizzee was. it showed me how far he has come and how commercialy recognised he really is. it was good to see so many people raving to him. i got a feeling that 'holiday' tune will do a lot.

Tinchy was big too. i was a little dissapointed that he didnt play many old more 'grime' tunes and especially 'follow'. He did manage to fit 'rollin' in tho. i can understand why he kept it with the new material so people would get intrested and go buy the album. i cant fault him for that. mind you that tune with the 'your not alone' hook seemed to get a real good reaction.

Didnt get to see N-dubz cos the divs at V thought it would be a good idea to put them on together. God knows why they didnt think it would be a good idea to put them on at seperate times seeing as a lot of people would be into the both of them. thats V for ya.

OASIS = WASTEMEN. funny how they can play stafford and drink till 4 in the morning then get a bad throat and not be able to do chelmsford. Waste. Snow Patrol as a replacement = massive PAR.

High contrast made up for it all tho. they had a banging set and it was a proper mad one.

Shouts to Santino, Harvey, TBone, Page and J Con.

Good do

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Franko Fraize - Rider

Vocalled a Davinche Beat


This Man Can Dance

Tinchy Stryder - Catch 22 Review

Copped the Tinchy album earlier in the week. Overall the CD is big. it has its own sort of commercial/grime sound. i feel like on the whole the CD is aimed at the mainstream but i also feel that Tinchy aint going out of his box to provide it.
it has hits like number 1, never leave you, take me back but also other tune on this similar sound like ‘spotlight’ and ‘im landing’ which i feel can do equal damage to the charts. ruff squad members Fudaguy, Dirty Dangerous, Rapid and Slixx pop up on the track ‘Tryna Be Me’ and also Chipmunk guests on one of the most ‘grime’ tunes on the cd called ‘We Got Dem’. The CD even has a hip hop tune in the way of ‘express yourself’.

Overall its what is to be expected. It’s a commercial sounding CD from a grime artist. That is not to be taken as an insult. I feel Tinchy has really crafted his own sound, one that relates to the underground and the mainstream without separating the two too much. I enjoyed the CD and think it has enough to appeal mainly to the mainstream and the already grime fans should also be able to appreciate it.
There is a 2 disk version available which is well worth copping for the remix of ‘stryderman’ featuring Wiley, the grime banger that is rolling and a few other gems. Altogether CD2 features Bashy, Sway, Wiley, Double s and Chipmunk.

Im impressed with the way Tinchy has came up through the game so its good to see him make an album that can chart well and hopefully that’s exactly what it will do. He is defiantly someone I want to see do well and he deserves everything that comes to him.

Weather you like him or not he is opening doors for UK rap.

All the best son!

Giggs Freestyle For Ras

Giggs spitting some bars on Ras Kwame. Im a fan of giggs but he gets enough support from everyone else so its rare i talk about him much. anyway here is a video of him on Ras Kwame. To be fair this aint the best i seen him but thought to post it anyway

Wiley Vs J Weezy

This is jokes. J Weezy makes me laugh. Im hoping that the dry toes mixtape actually drops. Watch the video. Wiley goes in on a Weezy flex. Shame wiley starts talking about a comedy show. Jazzie already doing it so dont step on his 'dry toes'.

Tuesdays Championship Highlights

Highlights of all Tuesdays Championship matches can be found here:


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Tune I Cant Stop Listening To

Im proper addicted to this tune. Emalkay - When I Look At You


Jim Magiltons First Loss

QPR registard their first loss of the campaign and Jim Magiltons first loss in charge at QPR as we fell to Bristol City in a dissapointing 1-0 defeat.Im dissapointed and also dissapointed we haven't won a game yet. Not an overly bad start but could be a lot better. But as they say 'its a marathon not a sprint' so ill keep that in mind.

New JME Video

JME has released a video for the track 'OVER ME'. The beat is proper heavy. The tune has a different sort of vibe to it. Im feeling it myself. Cant get enough of that beat


Worthy Acts At V Festival

V Festival Friday. Im going Chelmsford and looking forward to it. Seems like the popularity of grime related acts has definitely gone up as there are a few artists at V this year.

Firstly the man who seems to appear on this blog a lot 'Tinchy Stryder' is playing The Arena on Saturday. I watched the footage of tinchy at Glastonbury and was well impressed with how far he has come as an artist.

Next we got the other big break through act of the year 'N-Dubz' playing The Arena on Saturday. Weather you love them or hate them they have done a lot this year and again im impressed with how far they have come.

One I defiantly wont be missing is 'Dizzee Rascal'. Dizzee played last year and was class. Im sure this year will be massive too. Hopefully he brings 'The Newham Generals' with him. He is on The 4Music Stage on Saturday.

A big man in the scene 'Mike Skinner' will be there. 'The Streets' are playing The Arena on Sunday. I see them at reading a few years back and they were heavy. Looking forward to this one.

A surprise American rap act in the way of 'Asher Roth' will be playing The Arena on Saturday. I aint heard much of him but i hear that he is a good rapper. From what i made of him he was like the geeky eminem. I recon ill have a butchers.

New superstar 'Mr Hudson' is playing The 4Music Stage on Saturday. Hudson has been picked up by Kanye and been making a lot of noise since. He used to be a big player in the UK scene in the 'Deal Real' days being a sort of rap/band combination with Mr Hudson and The Library. Again its good to see how far he has come.

'Oasis' will be playing the V Stage on Sunday. That should be big. Oasis are definatly someone id like to see in my life.

Pete Doherty is there playing The Arena on Saturday. I got a lot of time for Pete. I think he writes good songs and if you avoid the media hype you will see it.

And lastly the legends that are 'The Specials' are playing the V Stage on Saturday. I see them at Brixton and had a do. I recon this could be a highlight of the festival.

See the full line up here:


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tinchy Album

Apparently Tinchy is at number 6 in the I-tunes chart already! if its true its a massive look. Go out and cop the album to support the cause. could be the first UK rapper to hit the number 1 album spot. Im gonna review it soon


17th September

Big night on the cards for 17th September in norwich. One of the best Lineups i seen for a while. Trust Me!!

more details will come soon

Buy Something In The Making Now

Just a reminder to go buy the EP from me and Lyrical T called 'something in the making'. Its availible now at these places:



Buy it and support the Cause

Monday, 17 August 2009

Jamie T - chaka Demus

The new single from Jamie T called Chaka Demus taken from forthcoming album Kings and Queens due to drop on 07/09/2009.

I got a lot of time for Jamie T. Been a fan for a while

Jamie T TV on MUZU.

New HHB Interview

I got an interview on HHB. The site is a big site in terms of UK rap. they got some big mixtapes out in shops too:



Little Dee - 'Once In A Blue'


Go cop that

Ipswich Show

Massive thanks to Truth,

The ipswich show was heavy. Nice crowed, nice venue. Taskforce absolutely smashed it as did Verbs and Kashmere. Our set went real good too. We got a nice response from the crowed. Massive thanks to anyone who made it. Best Hip Hop night i been to for a while.

Catch 22 - Out Today

Tinchys new album comes out today. Go buy it and support it. tinchy has had a lot of chart success recently. It would be good to see him get to number 1 in the album chart. would be the first UK rapper to do this. Go buy it and lets make it happen.

Thursday, 13 August 2009


Wiley brought all the greats together for a banger. Griminal steals it IMO.

Big tune


Tonight is gonna be heavy.

In case you need convincing Truth has put together a little free download:




And Us lot as well


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

New Rinse CD

Just seen this in HMV. The que was too big so couldn't cop it. I will though. No doubt this one will be heavy


QPR beat Exeter

QPR beat Exeter 5-0. Nice to see us scoring more than 2 goals in a game. Defiantly a positive. Nice to see Routledge get a hat trick too and Pellicori scored on his competitive debut. Aparrantly Jim wasn't happy tho cos first half we didn't look amazing. Oh well. We are through now.

Round 2 here we come

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

New Wu

Well loving this at the minute. I aint really listened to any hip hop for ages. Mainly cos they aint making it like they used to. Well Raekwon is so forget that. He got Only Built for cuban Links 2 dropping in september i think. This tune is on it. had it on repeat about 8 times already

Grime In The Independant

Big up to the Independant,

Ive noticed a few good articles posted online from the Independant about Uk music. They recently had a good feature on the Newham Generals. Anyway here is a good article about the new faces in grime (altough they aint really new faces but i get their point)



Supporting Benga on 30th August

Got a new show confirmed. Supporting Benga at Po Na Na Norwich on 30th August. Details taken from 'The Book':

Sunday 30 August
ALLNIGHTER 22:00 - 06:00



A Bank Holiday Event like no other - three of Norwich's biggest underground music promotions join forces, with the full spectrum of electronic music and special guest BENGA on his long-awaited return to Norwich. Bring the bass!


★ BENGA (Tempa) ★

Bassics (Dsob)
Bogart (Dsob)
Rb (Damage)
DJ I.C. (Roots N Culture)
Franko Fraize LIVE (Roots)
Lyrical T LIVE (Roots)




New Bashy Video

Bashy has made a video for the tune 'Wish Is My Command'. When i got bashys album and heard this tune i thought it was the tune that could do most for him. Its catchy and radio friendly. Bash made a video for it and its getting mixed reviews on the youtube page. He has been brave and thought right out of the box on this one. Lets hope it does well for him

Catch Me If You Can is out now!

Thetfords Soulja Boy?

This is a kid called Trackz,

He is from my town of Thetford and i think the kid has a lot of talent. He is only about 14 (think only just turned 14?). He has got more confidence than a lot of people ive come accross in this game. He can write bars and hooks and dance and sing. Anyway have a look at the video. tunes called 'i got swagger' and the hook will be in ya head all day. He is gonna drop a mixtape towards the end of the year and he represents Hoodlem.

Gonna do a lot i recon.

More Football

This aint turning into a football blog. Just been a big week for football. Tonight is the first round of the carling Cup. always a nice littel competition cos no doubt some of the smaller clubs will get a chance to shine. Here is some of tonights fixtures. the ones i care to mention:

Exeter v QPR
Barnet v Watford
Bury v West Brom
Cardiff v Dag & Red
Colchester v Leyton Orient
Crystal Palace v Torquay
Darlington OFF Leeds United
Gillingham v Plymouth
Hereford v Charlton
MK Dons v Swindon
Millwall v Bournemouth
Reading v Burton Albion
Rotherham v Derby
Scunthorpe v Chesterfield
Sheff Utd v Port Vale
Shrewsbury v Ipswich
Southampton v Northampton
Swansea v Brighton
Wycombe v Peterborough
Yeovil v Norwich

Monday, 10 August 2009

This Thursday

Im playing Ipswich this Thursday. full details on flyer. Come out and show support:

Weekend Footbal

Some good football to kick the campaign off. A few points of intrest:

Chelsea won the Charity Shield (unfortunatly)

Norwich got hammered by Colchester 7-1

Ipswich lost to Coventry 2-1

QPR managed a draw to Ian Holloways Blackpool 1-1 (thanks to Ramage)

Derby beat new boys Peterborough 2-1

Newcastle Drew to west Brom 1-1

Middlesbrough drew to Sheff Utd 0-0

Chelsea Won

Chelsea won


Well Done Tinchy

Number 1 again. That is big. He got the album coming out next Monday titled 'Catch 22'. Maybe that could be the first number 1 album from a Grime based artist?

Time will tell

Friday, 7 August 2009

Championship Starts Today

I'm buzzing that football is back!

The Championship kicks off today with new boys middlesbrough Vs sheff utd. I recon Middlesbrough gonna struggle this year and sheff utd gonna do well. Nice game to start the season with

Also there is a big Televised game tomorrow whent he first full day off fixtures kicks off. Newcastle Vs West Browm. Two of the new boys against each other. gonna be a good en.

Also a game of note QPR Vs Blackpool

BBC got the rights to all leagues under the premiership now. They are gonna show 10 full games including Derby V QPR and they got a league highlights show called 'Football League Show' at 11:45 on saturday

Its about time we got this


My Tune On Radio

Got my 'Dutch flowers duppy' tune being played on radio today and possibly 'stagger on' as well.

the show is called the cut and paste show on here is a little bit about the show taken from there site:

The Cut & Paste DJ's Phat Pat, Peeper & Pasteman will be presenting a brand new radio show streaming across the world via every friday between 1-3. Playing whatever's clever in Dub, Dubstep, Garage and Jungle.

Make sure you start your weekend with Cut & Paste and lock in, send your texts, requests and dedications to 07722 958 233. We will be having free guestlist competitions, t-shirt and cd giveaways as well as keeping you up to date on The Cut & Paste Soundsystem.

Don't forget you can listen to the show, either in winamp, realplayer, windows media player, or itunes.

Add the facebook group.

Catch the Soundysystem tonight at Beaverworks in Leeds with Dirty Business.


thanks a lot for playing it

well appreciated

Already A Legend

Tempa T

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Benga + Eve

Taken from Stryders blog......

UK dubstep prducer Benga has collaborated with EVE on a tune called Me N My

Good look for the UK and for Dubstep

Gt Yarmouth - Saturday 8th

Got a show came up out of no where. Should be a good en tho. Its at the Arena in Gt Yarmouth on a night called 'Sensitize'. Im playing in the 'Amental vs Roots And Culture' room with Lyrical T and DJ I.C. We gonna be doing tracks from the album as well as some dubstep. Its gonna be a heavy set. Danny Spice is there too. the other room is mainly a rave type rig thing.

Should be busy.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Massive New Logan Sama Mix

Yes People,

A real treat here. Logan Sama had done a mix for this year celebrating the past 6 months of grime. the mix is heavy. Defiantly one to download.


Here is the tracklist:

Tempa T v P Jam - Next Hype Management
Rude Kid - Jack Daniels
P Money - Left The Room
Nocturnal - Dont Phone Back
Killa P - Police Ah Come Run
Ghetts Feat Griminal - Don't Phone Me
Musical Mobb - Pulse Y
Skepta - DTI
Davinche - Buzz Lightyear 2
Newham Generals - Bell Dem Slags
Newham Generals - Supadupe
D Double E - Frontline
Rude Kid - UFO VIP
Newham Generals - Hard
Sharky Major - Shark Attack
Skepta feat Paper Pabs, Bossman, Big H - Over The Top 2
Royal T - Gargoyle (Silencer Remix)
OG's - Passing through
Skeamz - Greengate Guys VIP
Skepta Feat Wiley - Are You Ready
Silencer - Suplex
Wiley - Bang
Wiley - Club 5
Wiley & Shifty V Ghetto & Devlin - 123, Lets go
Maniac - Devil v Saltfish
Durrty Goodz - Throwaway Thoughts
Mega MW - Naughty Nites
J2K - Danger
JME - They Found Bin Laden
Nasty Jack Feat D Double E - Come Against
Terror Danjah - Sidechain
Ghetto & Brutal - Go On Den
Tempa T Feat Chronik - Boy Off The Ting
Blacks & P Money - Fall Back
P Money - 1UP

Download and enjoy

Jay Z - Blueprint 3

Above is the cover for New Jay Z Album 'Blueprint 3'

Drops 14th September!!

Tinchy Number 1 Again?

Apparently Mid week figures suggest Tinchy Stryder is on course for another number 1.

Fair play to him as well. Keep buying and supporting. Even if this commercial rap thing aint your cup of tea it defiantly opens doors for all UK rap music

Another Blog To Follow

Just found this,

Big Smoke Magazine is/was one of the best magazines for UK rap music out there. It used to have about 4 issus a year and weas proper good at everything it did/does. Im not sure if its still running tho. I know they had an issue out a few months back but it was not availible down this end. I should have bought it online really. infact i will.

Anyway i found they got a blog so keep it on ya bookmarks. Its no doubtably gonna be a good place to keep informed



Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Eminem V Mariah

Shout to Jack Stevens for putting me onto this one,

Em is a monster.

After Mariah heard the tune'Bagpipes In Baghdad' from Eminems album 'Relapse' she obviously took offense.

Mariah sent for em in the tune obsessed.

Em replied back with this. Personally i think he absolutely smashes her. Suppose thats what you get when you send for one of the worlds best

props to EM

Interview Re-Post

I'm gonna re-post this interview. Mainly cos i posted so much on the blog it had fallen by the way side.

Shout to Tricksta for this one



Suspect Packages Radio

Shout to Disorda,

The August edition of suspect Packages Radio is now online.

Featuring a lot of the best UK Hip Hop out at the moment.


Make sure you buy the 'Something In The Making EP' while you are there


OnThe Radar Vol 4

Massive shout to Certified Banger,

Certified Banger been at the top of this blog game for a very long time now. If yoiu aint been on the site yet then get on it. Its a good place to find out all you need to know about UK Rap.

Anyway they put together a mixtape called 'On The Radar'. The mixtape is currently on its 4th edition. Its a little snippet o new artists and talent coming through and is mainly a UK hip Hop sort of sound.

Here is the link:

This is an exclusive version of the download, but the message from CB is 'Feel free to promote this any way you like!'

Please follow and enjoy. I aint had a chance to get it yet but soon as i do ill post my thoughts


Deadly - 'Going On Greazy'

Got a female MC today,

A friend put me onto her. Her name is Deadly. She has a very good CV to back her up. Deadly used to be in a crew with Griminal and appeared on Lightnings mix CD 'Young And Gifted'. The prodcution from a man called 'Merlin' on this is nice.

Deadly has got a full-length release coming called '1st Place Greatest Kid.

Monday, 3 August 2009

My Tip For 2009/10 Season - Angelo Balanta

To all my Queens Park Rangers and any one interested,

Got a lot of faith in this man to smash the championship apart this season. Angelo Balanta. He came up through the youth system. The kid had a good season on loan to Wycombe last year and has looked pukka in pre-season.

Championship better watch out!

'Never Leave You' - Out Today

Another Tinchy related post,

Just found out that Tinchy Stryder ft Amelle Berrabah - 'Never Leave You' is out today! Its only somethign like 70p on itunes so if ya feeling it or juust feeling Tinchy or even just feeling UK rap music then buy the single and support it. Lets get another number 1 init.

Buy from here:


New Tempz

Yes people,

New track that Logan has been promoting hard. This is a banger in my opinion. Well hype. Cant really expect anything less from Tempa T. The tune is called 'Boy Off The Ting' and it is definatly 'HYPE HYPE USHYER' as Flirta d would say.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i do


Tinchy Sells Out Norwich

Props to Mr Stryder,

First he got the venuse changed form the Waterfront to the UEA in order to have a bigger capacity. Then he goes and sells out the UEA. Well done Tinchy. This is a massive achievement especialy considering how this time last year he was a fairly unknown in terms of mainstream chart music. Now he has a number 1 single with 'Number 1' and a number 3 single with 'Take Me Back'. The new tune 'Never Leave You' looks like its gonna damage the charts as well.

Tinchy is playing Norwich UEA on Sunday, 27 September 2009 with Chipmunk as support. If you got a ticket then have a good en. Im gutted i never got one


UK Runnings - Digital Revolution Vol 3

Shout to Tricksta,

Him and his team have put together another banger of a mixtape and giving it away absolutely free. This time its hosted by the beast from the east that is TB aka T.Bear. If you aint ehard of TB you should go have a look at what he has got cos he is a heavy rapper. Very much underated.

Follow this link for the download: