Thursday, 20 August 2009

Tinchy Stryder - Catch 22 Review

Copped the Tinchy album earlier in the week. Overall the CD is big. it has its own sort of commercial/grime sound. i feel like on the whole the CD is aimed at the mainstream but i also feel that Tinchy aint going out of his box to provide it.
it has hits like number 1, never leave you, take me back but also other tune on this similar sound like ‘spotlight’ and ‘im landing’ which i feel can do equal damage to the charts. ruff squad members Fudaguy, Dirty Dangerous, Rapid and Slixx pop up on the track ‘Tryna Be Me’ and also Chipmunk guests on one of the most ‘grime’ tunes on the cd called ‘We Got Dem’. The CD even has a hip hop tune in the way of ‘express yourself’.

Overall its what is to be expected. It’s a commercial sounding CD from a grime artist. That is not to be taken as an insult. I feel Tinchy has really crafted his own sound, one that relates to the underground and the mainstream without separating the two too much. I enjoyed the CD and think it has enough to appeal mainly to the mainstream and the already grime fans should also be able to appreciate it.
There is a 2 disk version available which is well worth copping for the remix of ‘stryderman’ featuring Wiley, the grime banger that is rolling and a few other gems. Altogether CD2 features Bashy, Sway, Wiley, Double s and Chipmunk.

Im impressed with the way Tinchy has came up through the game so its good to see him make an album that can chart well and hopefully that’s exactly what it will do. He is defiantly someone I want to see do well and he deserves everything that comes to him.

Weather you like him or not he is opening doors for UK rap.

All the best son!

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