Wednesday, 26 August 2009

End Of Westwood Sunday Show

The Westwood Sunday show officially ends in October. 1xtra is having a re-schedule of the current lineup. It means the Westwood sunday rap show on 1xtra will be gone. Westwood is joining the drive time show 4-7 Monday to Friday. This is a similar situation to when Rodney P and Skitz got axed. Also when Excalibahs show died a death.

Im well dissapointed cos its one of the only shows i listen to every single week. Westwood has banter and the artists that featured on there seemed to have a real good vibe with him.

It was good to see the biggest DJ in the UK dedicating a whole show to strictly grime music. The freestyles and interviews were a lot. True say the caliber of people appearing on the show started to decrease. Thats minor tho. At least he was giving new artists a platform to get out there. Westwood recons he is going to keep up with the legendary 'Crib sessions' where he gets a load of mcs to perform at his house.

Who knows what we will be left with. I wonder if 1xtra will get another grime only show seeing as its the biggest station for black music and grime is one of the biggest styles of music in the UK.

Tim, you done us proud. At least we will always have Logan

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