Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Worthy Acts At V Festival

V Festival Friday. Im going Chelmsford and looking forward to it. Seems like the popularity of grime related acts has definitely gone up as there are a few artists at V this year.

Firstly the man who seems to appear on this blog a lot 'Tinchy Stryder' is playing The Arena on Saturday. I watched the footage of tinchy at Glastonbury and was well impressed with how far he has come as an artist.

Next we got the other big break through act of the year 'N-Dubz' playing The Arena on Saturday. Weather you love them or hate them they have done a lot this year and again im impressed with how far they have come.

One I defiantly wont be missing is 'Dizzee Rascal'. Dizzee played last year and was class. Im sure this year will be massive too. Hopefully he brings 'The Newham Generals' with him. He is on The 4Music Stage on Saturday.

A big man in the scene 'Mike Skinner' will be there. 'The Streets' are playing The Arena on Sunday. I see them at reading a few years back and they were heavy. Looking forward to this one.

A surprise American rap act in the way of 'Asher Roth' will be playing The Arena on Saturday. I aint heard much of him but i hear that he is a good rapper. From what i made of him he was like the geeky eminem. I recon ill have a butchers.

New superstar 'Mr Hudson' is playing The 4Music Stage on Saturday. Hudson has been picked up by Kanye and been making a lot of noise since. He used to be a big player in the UK scene in the 'Deal Real' days being a sort of rap/band combination with Mr Hudson and The Library. Again its good to see how far he has come.

'Oasis' will be playing the V Stage on Sunday. That should be big. Oasis are definatly someone id like to see in my life.

Pete Doherty is there playing The Arena on Saturday. I got a lot of time for Pete. I think he writes good songs and if you avoid the media hype you will see it.

And lastly the legends that are 'The Specials' are playing the V Stage on Saturday. I see them at Brixton and had a do. I recon this could be a highlight of the festival.

See the full line up here:


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