Tuesday, 25 August 2009

V Festival Was Dizzees

V Festival was big. it was definatly dizzees. everywhere i went i seemed to hear people talking about how big dizzee was. it showed me how far he has come and how commercialy recognised he really is. it was good to see so many people raving to him. i got a feeling that 'holiday' tune will do a lot.

Tinchy was big too. i was a little dissapointed that he didnt play many old more 'grime' tunes and especially 'follow'. He did manage to fit 'rollin' in tho. i can understand why he kept it with the new material so people would get intrested and go buy the album. i cant fault him for that. mind you that tune with the 'your not alone' hook seemed to get a real good reaction.

Didnt get to see N-dubz cos the divs at V thought it would be a good idea to put them on together. God knows why they didnt think it would be a good idea to put them on at seperate times seeing as a lot of people would be into the both of them. thats V for ya.

OASIS = WASTEMEN. funny how they can play stafford and drink till 4 in the morning then get a bad throat and not be able to do chelmsford. Waste. Snow Patrol as a replacement = massive PAR.

High contrast made up for it all tho. they had a banging set and it was a proper mad one.

Shouts to Santino, Harvey, TBone, Page and J Con.

Good do

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