Thursday, 1 October 2009

MOBO 2009

This is my Mobos round up. Basically all the things that were worth noticing-

a big performance from tinchy (unless your epileptic)

the presenter (Kerri Hilson) winning an award, presenting the whole show, and performing on the night then having a pretty boring performance.

N-Dubz winning best album! and best UK act

Chipmunk winning best hip hop over eminem and kanye (bout time UK artists started taking awards from a UK event)

Kerri Hilson saying she didnt realise British men could turn her on (parred the majority of the audience)

the random greek conversation between dappy and peter andre

Chipmunks performance was good, apart from him bringing back the turtle neck tops lol.

Peter Andre talking to tinchy and saying 'you gone from being an underground grime artist to a proper pop star'

The dumb dancers bringing up the results (it just felt awkward)

N-dubz performance (the dancers were jokes)

Stephen K Amos not being able to find where the result was written when announcing the winner

Mr Hudson turning up to perform. Im glad he aint let working with kanye get to his head and made him think he too big for it.

The Diversity was big!

The 'young soul rebels' performance of i got soul. Surely a number 1

Overall this was a better year for the MOBOS. It seems they are realising that the UK has talent here and its a waste of time giving awards to americans who dont turn up. Maybe a best Grime act will soon come. I doubt it tho

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