Thursday, 26 November 2009

Innovation in The dam 2009

Big up all the innovation crew. This year me and DJ IC (as well as a few others) went over to the Dam for this years Innovation. for those who dont know Innovation is a big Drum and Bass/ Dubstep rave.

I had a proper good time out there. Shout out to anyone that i met at the rave (including Dizzee Rascal).

Anyway here is my breakdown of it all. Im gonna do it in PLUS's and PARs


Club 1
The Neckle (Dank, Po, etc)
Chefs Set
Hatchas Set
Dizzee floating around on a casual one
Harry Shotta
Andy C
Evil B
Grey Haze (the lemon)
The Dolphin cafe (what a cotch)


Club 2
the fact the system was far too quiet in Club 1
The poor soundsytem for the dubstep room in club 2
The smoking room in club 2 (no ventalation)
Drink tokens In Club 2
Drink Prices in club 2
CLUB 2 (again)

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