Friday, 31 July 2009

J2K - Wake Up

First i just want to start with a little fact. In terms of UK Grime J2K was the first man to put out a mixtape title 'Heat On The Streets'

Anyway with that aside i copped J2K's newest release an EP titled 'Wake Up'.

J2K has been doing a lot of promotion for it so i was eagerly waiting it. I wasn't disappointed.

this is a good all round release. the beats all suit J2k and feel like they was all made specifically for this project. they all have some similarity to them but also stand out if you know what i mean. the only other place i could see these beats working would be on a roll deep release.

Anyway basically what I'm trying to say is this has its own identity to it that makes it stands out from a lot of the current grime releases.

All the guests shine (Manga, Flowdan, Alex Mills, Jammer, Frisco and that fella from roll deep circles)

J2k is impressive. He made videos for a few of the tracks on it. 'Danger' being the lead single

For me the standout tracks are 'Danger', 'Talk Of The Town' featuring Jammer and Frisco, 'Things We Do' is probably my favourite which has a nice vocal hook from Alex Mills and the biggest beat on the CD.
'Vacation' is a nice tune too. A story type tune with a big beat. To be fair there isn't a track on here i ever feel to skip.

The only downside to the EP is i cant credit any producers because J didn't feel it necessary to credit anyone in the inlay.

Well done though J2K. You made a good CD there mate.

Go Cop It!

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