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An interview with some good mates of mine. Souldjasoulz

What’s your name and where you from?

DPF: My name’s Joe (DPF) I hail from Norwich (it’s a fine city) twinned with Novi Sad, Koblenze and Rouen.

REDS: big dutty Reds, NR18 home of old school tape fiends and strange scenes.

What releases have you had out to date?

DPF: I’ve had a bunch of releases since about 99-2000 with beats in progress, breaking bread, humble monkey, and am now currently on Son records who released such works of mine as: “mental floss ep”, “still flossin’ ep” and a full length lp titled ” it’ll never catch on” produced by Mr Laws and Temper.

REDS: On my own imprint Chronic Redeye Music I’ve dropped The All Or Nothing Days album, then Knowledge is King album in 2008 plus the mixtape Ruffneck Intellect Vol.1 at the start of this year. We’ve also just released the SOLDJASOULZ – Soul Sellers EP as a free download so cop that at

What’s your favourite part of being a rapper/MC?

DPF: I love it all, writing, recording and performing but probably studio work my favourite, it’s the most creative bit. i love hearing something that until that day didn’t exist. Playing it back in the car and buzzing off it when its good work.

REDS: Yeah playing back a fresh vocal for the first time is a mad buzz, and being able to immerse myself in studio sessions or a show and get locked into a zone helps me get through my day to day ish, it’s a blessing fam.

What do you think you bring to the table as an MC?

DPF: A bottle of rum and a lazy eye.... other than that i just do what i do, i don’t follow suit or try to fit in, i just do it my way, as best i i enjoy it.

REDS: Gritty hard truths laced with mad wordplay served however the f**k I’m feeling that day.

If you was not involved in music what do you think you would be doing?

DPF: Dead, Prison,Fucked......

REDS: Riding Elephants Down South........

Let’s talk about your current project. When’s it out? Can you tell who is involved?

DPF: The Soul Sellers EP is out now for download at It’s got no featured emcees, just us El Bandito and The Redrin, production courtesy of J-Roots, Dillijence, Mr Laws, Jimmy Green

So what type of music do you listen to mostly?

DPF: Reggae, dancehall, hiphop.

REDS: Yeah he tells you that but all I hear him playing are Scandavian Sea Shanties

Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?

DPF: i don’t know about five months let alone years but hopefully still doing what i love maybe getting paid to do it too would be nice.

REDS: Living it up in New York getting paid to spit bars about living in the UK

What have you been most proud of in your career so far?

DPF: Played Glastonbury once which was good thing to do, but hard question really... i been proud of work i done over the years such as “it’ll never catch on” LP on Son records, plus the stuff i’m doing with reds under the handle SOLDJASOULZ has been good it’s nice to work alongside someone you respect as an artist but who looks at this shit in same way as you do, so it easy to bounce ideas off each other and keep it fresh... “El bandito and the redrin” bang bang boogey.

REDS: I aint a proud man, I just kill it every time.

If you could pick one producer to work with in the world who would it be and why?

DPF: i don’t really care who it is as long as it banging...

REDS: Probably Fredro Starr from Onyx cos he made Last Dayz one of the sickest beats of all time in my humble opinion, and I wanna know if he is actually a fan of the British comedian Freddie Starr

What’s your opinion on the current state of the charts?

DPF: I’m a cynical man but i reckon it’s fucked, i got not much love for where mainstream hiphop is going.... it’s like someone you know who got kidnapped and held hostage for ten years and when you see them you can’t recognize em.....haha.....oh well.

REDS: It is what it is, a load of pony, but I aint gonna hate too much they doing they’re thing, going for the pink pound n all that haha. I aint got my eyes on that anyway I’m searching for that rugged sh*t.

How do you view Hip-Hop right about now?

DPF: yeah it cool, even though i say shit like above, there still people who bring it rough, see i just want to hear bars that make me hungry for that shit and there still enough people in it that keep me thirstin’ for it. Not some rat,cat,mat shit that ya hear on the radio now days.... read a book!

REDS: There’s a lot of weak ish getting made that’s an embarrassment to the culture but I’m still enjoying hip hop cos there’s still people innovating and making exciting music you just gotta wade thru the piles of crap to get it.

Would you like to see yourself in the top ten?

DPF: No i hate money i prefer to struggle.... haha yeah of course i would my mum’d be well happy......proud......then she be like ...”you lil bitch where my money!!”

REDS: I wanna be in the top 10 of everything, including rappers mum’s favourite dinner guests

What is your opinion on the current UK music scene?

DPF: yeah i think there’s alot of people really pushing the boundaries in whatever type of ting they doing, uk still experimentally brave... i cant speak for mainstream sh*t cos i don’t play or listen to it really, but the dubstep and grime thing still pulls on my ears from time to time...

REDS: I’m thriving on the UK scene at the moment even if I don’t like some of the more commercial stuff I still hear loads that inspires me

What’s next for you as an artist?

DPF: To just keep making music and pushing it as much as i can, me and reds got more SOLDJASOULZ (El Bandito and the Redrin) projects in the works, plus i got solo projects in line for Son records soon...

REDS: yeah just keep pushin on really, constantly recording Soldjasoulz stuff, hopefully doing more work with Hoodlem artists and doing solo tracks with producers like J-Roots, Al Royal and DJ DisMiss

Okay before you go please tell us how we can get your music and how people can get in touch with you.

facebook DPF Joe Viggers... safe bro

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