Monday, 15 February 2010

Badnewz a.k.a news from Essex

Straight from Essex Badnewz drops 'the flipside' on his own 'frontline' imprint.

Definatly worth a listen. His name might not be familiar to ya as well as the producers on the download but im a firm believer in pushing new artists thru so give the boy a listen. He comes on a hip hop vibe with proper sense and nice bars. Definatly worth listening to:


01 - Intro
02 - Flipside (Produced by Menace)
03 - What Do You Know Feat Smart Alex (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
04 - Get Down Feat Oneway and Charlie P (Produced by Hossy)
05 - When Will You See Feat Keita (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
06 - Broken Britain Feat Oneway and Jack The Lad (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
07 - Black Clouds (Produced by Menace)
08 - Sarga (Produced by Menace)
09 - Freestyle Feat Kamma and Smart Alex (Produced by Karma)
10 - Dreams Feat Rosie (Produced by Dirty Deedz)
11 - On Your Doorstep Feat Oneway (Produced by Sly Rakkoon)
12 - Ruk It Out (Produced by Dirty Deedz)
13 - Game Ova Feat Oneway and Smart Alex (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
14 - Only One Feat Oneway, Charlie P and Rosie (Produced by Menace, Dirty Deedz & Hossey)
15 - Deedz Freestyle (Produced by Dirty Deedz)
16 - 1000 Years (Produced by Slotz)
17 - Dats How It Is (Produced by Menace)
18 - Harder Times Feat Oneway (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)


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'The Best Of Frontline Recordings Mixtape'

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