Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Release Dates

Im a keen believer in buying music. This includes singles particulaly when i feel that it could help push artists from our scene into the limelight. for that reason i have decided to update with some release dates of some big UK singles dropping over the next two months. These are singles i think could perhaps do well in the chart with enough support, or just singles that i think the artist deserves a bit of support cos they just do. Ill also put a rating of how likely i think it is to break into the top ten. Anyway here is the list:

21st February - Giggs - Dont Go There - I got a real big feeling about this track. Its been getting a bit of radio support on the big stations like radio 1 and i hear a lot of people saying they feel this tune that aint nescessarily fans of UK Rap. If this does well it will be a big look for UK Rap music.


21st February - JME FT Wiley - Sidetracked - More of a commercial vibe than JME normally comes with but still relevent with the bars. Im a fan of this tune myself. I always find myself singing it in my head. Im not sure this will have enough support to make the chart but im a big fan of JME and i think he does music the way it should be done, and for that reason im in.


28th February - Wiley FT Emile Sande - Never Be Your Woman - Im a big fan of Wiley and out of every UK artist i really feel he deserves a number 1. He has been influential to so many people and rarely makes a bad tune. He is older than a lot of MCs and really i think he deserves to do well commercially. I got a feeling this will be a good year for Wiley. Would be nice to start with a number 1.


March 1st - Tinie Tempah - Pass Out - This tune is getting rinsed. Proper rinsed. Radio 1 are all over it. I hear bare people talking bout it that aint into Grime/UK Rap. I have heard numerous remixes. Basically this tune smashes it and im fairly confident it will do well. Especially if everyone who rates it buys it.


March 9th - Skepta - Badboy - Skepta is similar to Wiley in that he is looking for that mainstream hit. He did come with 'Rolex Sweep' which in my opinion did perhaps more harm than good as i had people thinking this was all Skepta done and didnt realise he made hard grime tunes. Anyway i think Skepta could do with a hit to bring him into the commercial limelight more. This is because i think its important for our big MCs to get more status. This in turn makes more people intrested in real grime/UK rap and then makes the scene bigger and on a bigger scale. Buy this wen it comes out


Go buy them and support UK Music. its the only way the scene will grow.

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