Friday, 26 February 2010

Something To Bring To Your Attention

Nuff Sed + D.I.V

Im a keen supporter of artists that are relitivly unknown. I feel its important to give people the break they deserve cos really and truly it only takes that one break to open a door and get that snowball effect to make an artist big.

anyway here is something from a relativly unknown duo in terms of the uk scene. They hail from the home of hip hop that is NY City. Going by the name of Nuf Sed and D.I.V these too work well together. The lyrics are raw, the concepts are big and the wordplay is of the highest caliber.

These two were solo artists before combining which means they have crafted their individual trade before smashing it together. the chemistry they bring as a duo is evident.

SO O.D. The Overdose Vol. 1 is presented, mixed, and hosted by DJ Kool Kid, The Hood Legend. Already they getting the support they need


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