Monday, 1 February 2010

Mr Drastick - So Many Devils

He has been on the independant hussle for a very long time and if your into UK rap you should know the name 'Mr Drastck' by now. After releasing the Gladiatorial mixtape series and knocking up large numbers independantly (GLADITORIAL PASSION VOL 1 SOLD 15,000 COPIES) Drastick then release his first full length album titled THE GLADIATORS ANTHEM in 2008 to rave reviews from places like HHC magazine, DJ magazine and NME. Drastick has been out in the public domain for a few years.

Now Drastick has blessed us with his 2010 outing, a free mixtape to download called 'So Many Devlis'. This is definatly one to DL. Drastick has always had a real honest approach in his music and in interviews and at still only 25 he has the workrate of veteran.

Download and give it a listen. It wont dissapoint.

Download SO MANY DEVILS now from

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