Thursday, 7 January 2010

Its Been A While

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all of that. I aint blogged in a while cos i been enjoying the festive period. Then i got struck down with the flu (dont think it was the swine). Anyway im back now and i got bare things to talk about. so many that ill probably end up forgetting a lot of it and blog hardly anything. anyway here goes:

Wiley - Take That

Wiley released his last single of 09 'Take That' on the 29th of December hoping to land the first number 1 of 2010. I bought it. Unfortunatly for Wiley he only managed to land a number 22 spot. Hopefully this will keep climbing and we can get the Godfather of Grime back in the top 10.

OGz - Oh Geezus It's Xmas (Free Christmas Mixtape)

OGz dropped a free download on us over xmas. this was a little present for grime fans. The mixtape is well worth a download, particulaly for the 'Hot Ones' remix by Royal T.


Logan - Cut!

Bad news for grime. The Logan Sama show has been cut to only an hour and now goes out at midnight on tuesday (tuesday morning/monday night). Im not sure why its been cut tho. It aint cos of listener numbers surely cos Logan always boasts about how many listeners he has and about how well the show is doing. this is a blow for grime in General cos this is the only 100% legal grime show and its now been chopped in half. Please feel free to write to kiss and complain. also there is a facebook group you can join HERE

Wiley V Trim

The king of beef is back. this time he sent a little track aiming at big H and Trim and Trim responded. To be fair this is all a bit silly as neither has any real need for it but its always worth a listen.

The first vid is my personal favourite

Free Dogzilla Download

Download this cos its heavy. Dogzilla was supposed to dropping a full length with the same title as this however time contraints and other things ment it couldnt be done. Instead he blessed us with a free promotional thing. Im glad he did too. Mirror Man is the stand out track for me. DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE HERE

New JME Video

JME is class. I got a lot of time for him. Listen to the bars in this tune. JME is an inspiration.

Grimedaily TV

This is gonna be a massive look for the scene. Its gonna be launched on Jan 11th on Flava on SKY. I aint got sky so gonna have to try find another way to watch it.

Im sure i got more to blog so keep ya eye on the site.

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