Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Chronicredeye - Ruffneck Intellect Vol 1

Chronicredeye have treated you to a lovely little CD here. Im gonna say Redeye has actually cos he is the man putting in the work. Reds has put together a pukka little CD here. Its a mixtape that features a load of artists that Reds is feeling and been associated with such as the Wolftown movement, Yaeo, chrome and the very special guests Hell Razah, Timbo King and Dezert Eez. When these Wu affiliates show up they aint doing it on a 'ill send a tune over for ya and you do as you please', they do it proper. Reds has done well here and managed to hook up proper exclusives here. The Dezert Eez tune is the best Dezert Eez tune i have ever heard and lucky for Reds it features as an exclusive on here. Trust me the CD is worth buying for this alone.

Me, Reds and Lyrical feature on a tune with Hell Razah and Timbo King which in my opinion bangs hard.

Another stand out track on the CD is Mood - Drugs, War and Crime. Its a proper little belter.

Reds also showcases the direction he is moving in with the duo 'Soldjasoulz'. It comprises of Reds and DPF. They got a couple tunes on here and are definatly gonna cause a stir in 2010. Some big things coming from them.

Anyway thats enough talking. Go cop the CD. You wont be dissapointed. Especially if your a hip hop head.


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