Monday, 11 January 2010

Logic - Gaberlunzie: The Ancient One

Got a big new FREE release here from a UK rapper called LOGIC. Logic has done things in the past with Lowkey and has a real meaning to his raps. Definatly someone to take note of:

LOGIC ‘Gaberlunzie: The Ancient One'

Labelled as a 'rapper' by society, Logic is an artist that’s main aim is to promote a positive message through his music. Born and raised in Brixton, South London, UK he grew up in a poverty driven environment. He is affiliated with the infamous PDC but his solo career really began when he performed at the well-respected record shop 'Deal Real Records' which used to be located in Carnaby Street. This is where he first performed to a crowd and the response he received was so good it gave him the confidence to continue on his path. Since then he has supported the likes of KRS-ONE, Immortal Technique and Saigon to name a few. As Logic continued to write new tracks and perform he joined forces with well known lyricist and recording artist Lowkey and together formed a duo called 'New World Order'.

This project had a strong concept with the whole idea being based around the feeling of us as a nation and planet need to realise the powers that be and have a plan. Logic is also the general in the 'Peoples Army', a movement of like-minded people making quality lyrical Hip-Hop. Now in 2010, Logic unleashes his latest project 'Gaberlunzie: The Ancient One’ which is absolutely FREE! That’s right people; here is a collection of superb music that actually makes you feel proud to be British!!

01 - The Birth Of A Gaberlunzie (Intro)
02 - My Life
03 - I Love
04 - Just Be You Feat Vally & BlaxNova
05 - The Score
06 - Here Now Feat Lowkey & Spells
07 - A Digital Age (Interlude)
08 - Money
09 - Falling
10 - Earth, Wind & Fire - Fantasy (Interlude)
11 - Making Love
12 - The Way I Look At Life Feat Prodigal Son
13 - Cloudy Day
14 - Plenty More Fish Feat Crow & Sty
15 - Letter To My Girl
16 - All That I Feel
17 - The Way We Live
18 - Tell Me Something
19 - Wanna Be Free Feat Vally
20 - Mum



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