Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New Franko Fraize Interview On Hiphopshizzle.wordpress.com

I got a new interview online for a blog called hip hop shizzle (http://www.hiphopshizzle.wordpress.com/). I think its a fairly good interview to be honest. im happy bout it. Have a read if ya can:

Introduce yourself and tell the world who you are and what you stand for…

My name is Franko Fraize. Im an English MC/Rapper from a town called Thetford and I represent East Anglia. Basically I believe I bring the type of rhymes that everyday people can relate to. I talk about what I see and what inspires me and I seem to get a good reception for it.

Let’s talk about your latest project. Who produced it, who features, where can people grab it and what seem to be the most popular tracks?

2009 saw the release of my first official outing on a CD. It was an EP with another rapper from my town called Lyrical T and the EP was called ‘Something In The Making’. The EP was produced by DJ IC and featured production from Dillijence and Redeye. Redeye also featured on a verse on a track on there. Its getting good praise and the numbers so far have been really.....


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