Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Been Away....But Im Back Now

Been away to Bulgaria for the last week so nothing new been posted for a bit. While i was away tho a few things happened:

Tinie Tempah spent two weeks at number 1 then got knocked off the charts by Lady Gaga.

Skepta entered the chart at number 26 with badboy. Not a bad look for him.

Mclean entered the chart at number 10 with My Name. Not a bad look for him. If you dont know Mclean he is an Rnb singer from the UK with real prospect and he gets a lot of love from the grime scene.

My track 'I Defeat 16s' got a comment from DJ Semtex (Dizzee Rascals DJ) and got radio play on BBC Radio Norfolk (LISTEN HERE)

My Universal Soldiers Dub got radio play on Break Thru Radio (LISTEN HERE)

Jabba Tha Kut played my track 'Life' on an hour mix (LISTEN HERE)

Basically a successful week.

Friday got a real big show in Norwich At Henrys. Taskforce, Kashmere, Souldjasoulz, Me and my lot. Gonna be a do.

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